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Glow Bowl™

Denne Motion Activated natlampe udsender en blød glød i og omkring dit toilet for at sikre din sikkerhed, når du har brug for det.


  • Smart bevægelsessensor-system: det tænder, når du er tæt på, slukker automatisk, når du forlader 
  • 16-farver: skifter farver hvert 15. sekund eller 120. sekund, eller du kan indstille det til kun én farve 
  • UV-lysbølgelængde vist at bekæmpe bakterier
  • Lad være med at snuble i mørket og skabe rod
  • Nem installation
Glow Bowl™
$29 USD

At bruge badeværelset om natten er en seriøs forretning. Ingen nyder at snuble rundt i mørket eller tænde skarpt lys og vågne op midt om natten! Vi deler din smerte! Hos Glow Bowl er vi dedikerede til at hjælpe dig med at få den bedst mulige badeværelsesoplevelse sent om aftenen!

Vi er på en mission! Efter én for mange midnatsbuler, blå mærker og rumvæsenbortførelser, der fandt sted, mens de var på vej til møde med porcelænstronen, blev Glow Bowl født.


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Customer Reviews

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Ange d.P.
The best purchase!

We love this addition to our bathroom for SO many reasons!
What started as a gimmicky gift for my husband "from" our dog (who loves to accompany us to the toilet) has turned into quite the useful, happiness-creating gadget!
It works perfectly, (just have to buy your own batteries) when you walk in its motion sensor path it will switch on, and if you turn the light on in the room it will switch itself off. Our bathroom is quite large and it senses us from over 6 feet away. I also noticed it switches off fairly promptly after leaving the room, which is great to extend battery life!
We love having the colors fading in and out of each other, but it works to keep it on one color too.
We initially were concerned that it would get in the way, or not stay on the rim, but we barely notice the actual box. Took a bit of negotiating to get the clasp to stay on the rim though, and it is best if the seat stays down.
It makes me smile every time it switches on, and I am actually so grateful I don't have to switch the bright lights on if I have to go in the night or just after I wake up!
Definitely buy this for yourself, your partner, your kids, your housemate. It is so cheap you don't even need an excuse, just to make them smile!

This sucker is bright!

So I always wanted one but was skeptical that it would actually work. This specific model is battery operated and energy saving due to its motion sensor setting. The lights appear really bright in the picture but at 3am, they are perfect!

If you have boys, this is a MUST!!!!

There is a stable light setting or a rotating color I call unicorn vomit. I am purchasing a second one for the other bathroom!

Amazing idea, so convenient!

Absolutely love this item! No need to turn on a light in the night to use the toilet. My 3 year old grandson liked it so much he only wanted to use our bathroom. So I bought one for him!!

Jake P.
Fun and Functional

I'd seen these for a while and wasn't sure it was worth buying. My boyfriend is up to use the bathroom often during the night and I thought this would be a great gift. They are! It's so cool to walk in at night and enjoy the light show. Sits nicely on the toilet bowl. Looks like it will be easy enough to keep clean. We decided to share the second one with a friend. Fun and functional gift!

D. H.
Really cool!

I bought this as a gag gift for our teenage son. I didn't think I would like it so much!!! These are great for middle of the night bathroom trips! AND, I'm able to tell right away if someone left the seat up, with out turning on the main light! No more falling into the toilet for me! Yay!