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HyperCharge Pro™


HyperCharge Pro™
$55 USD $79 USD

Overlad ALLE dine enheder i dag!

Spar plads og oplad dine enheder på én gang! HyperCharge Pro™ er en universelt kompatibel ladestation til alle enheder, der leverer den hurtigste opladning op til 15 watt. Integreret med en intelligent lysindikator, oplad alle Qi-aktiverede enheder inklusive telefoner, tablets og andet tilbehør. HyperCharge Pro™ er alt-i-én-opladeren, der tilføjer et fantastisk touch til ethvert rum, fra kontor til soveværelse!

OPLAD TRE ENHEDER PÅ ÉN GANG – Avanceret 3-i-1 ladestation sikrer hurtig trådløs opladning af op til 3 enheder samtidigt.
INTELLIGENT LYSINDIKATOR – Et blåt lys bekræfter, at dine enheder oplader optimalt. Et grønt lys indikerer, at opladeren er i standby-tilstand og ikke oplader. Et blinkende blåt og grønt lys advarer dig, når det ikke oplades korrekt, fremmedlegeme. Lyset kan tændes/slukkes med touchpad'en i bunden af ​​opladeren.
ORGANISER I STIL – Førsteklasses materialer af høj kvalitet, inspireret af moderne luksusdesign. Det moderne, moderne design passer perfekt ind i ethvert rum, fra kontor til stue.
SPAR PENGE PÅ KABLER – Indbyggede opladere betyder, at du kun skal bruge ét kabel til at forsyne alle dine enheder. Spar penge i det lange løb!
HURTIG OG NEM OPSÆTNING – Tilslut den, og start opladningen. En nem opsætning med indbyggede opladere og med en automatisk styringsteknologi, der oplader dine enheder mest effektivt.
LYNHURTIG 15W OPLADNING – Ultrastrømopladning op til 15 watt til alle dine enheder. Oplad sikkert hurtigere end nogensinde før med denne indbyggede teknologi.


  • 1x HyperCharge Pro™ Pro 3-i-1 trådløs oplader
  • 1x lynstartvejledning
  • 1x USB-C-kabel
  • 1x Quick Charger 3.0-strømadapter
  • Mål: 150 x 120 x 160 mm
  • Vægt: 350 g
  • Materialer: ABS (Acrylonitril Butadien Styren) & PC (polycarbonat)

Tekniske specifikationer:

  • Indgang: 9V/2A, 9V/2,7A eller 12V/2A
    Fast Charge Protocol: Qualcomm Quick Charge
    Standard: Qi Standrad
  • Inputgrænseflade: Type-C-port
  • LED-belysning (grøn og blå)
  • Telefonetui Tykkelse: ≤ 4 mm
  • Sikkerhedsbeskyttelse: Overophedning, overspænding og overopladning
  • Transmissionsafstand: <8 mm
  • Opladningseffektivitet: ≥73 %
  • Strømudgang
    Telefon: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W Opladning
    Ur: 3W Opladning
    AirPods/Buds/Andet: 5W Opladning

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews

I absolutely LOVE this WIRELESS charging system.I travel overseas every week and dragging all these cords to charge my phone, watch, air pods, really was making me crazy!The technology with this WAITEE all-in-one station is AWESOME and really simplifies my life.The station itself is very well made and very easy to set up. Actually, Modus delivery was here and delivered it and within 5 minutes, I had it set up and charging. It even looks nice sitting on my living room end table. Very sleek and techie, but looks quite elegant, too. [I know that sounds crazy, but it really looks great!]The station also takes up MUCH less room than I ever imagined. All that mess of cords is GONE!What more can I say? This product is just AMAZING!Great value, great device for charging.

Jane K.
I’m in love with this charger

The media could not be loaded.  This charger allows you to get rid of all the cables you have for all your Apple products. I love the lights on the charger and the “breathing” blue light to let you know it’s charging. When it’s not charging it turns green. If you don’t want the lights on (they’re kind of bright at night) you can turn them off with the push of a button. I just place my phone and watch on the charger when I go to bed and everything is charged up by morning. It even has a spot to charge your AirPods but I just don’t own any. When I get around to getting some they’ll have their own little spot on the charger. So far this product has worked flawlessly.Edit: my charger is no longer charging my phone but watch is still ok

Nice to be able to charge 3 Apple products with one plug.

Works perfectly on my desk looks nice and charges my phone, air pods and watch. You only need one power cord which is great. Very compact size does not take up a lot of room in my desk.

Great charger - does everything it says!

I was looking for a charging stand for my Apple watch and had a hard time finding ones actually worked with the Apple watch charger like they say they do. I was pleasantly surprised that this one did. Not only does it charge my Apple watch, but it charges my Air pod Pros and my iPhone with the case ON! I had to take out the magnetic disc that I used to mount my phone to my dashboard in my car, but I can still charge my phone with the case on. It's an Incipio case, FYI, one that my work provides, so it's not super thick but it still protects my phone and more importantly this stand is able to charge my phone with it on! The stand also has a charging light, blue when charging, green when charged and flashing blue and green if there is something preventing the charge. I keep this by my bed and don't want it lit up all night, so I actually turn off this feature which is a nice option too. The other that I like is that I can tuck away the Apple watch charger cord, in the spaces in the back of the charger and then close the compartment for it, otherwise, everything runs with one USB-c cord. It's worth it to note that this does NOT come with an Apple watch charger. Some people thought that it did, but it does not, as it says in the description, but I know some people only read the reviews instead! ;) All in all, I'm really pleased with this charging stand and would definitely recommend!

Very Well Designed

Was surprised right out the box. Very well packaged, dust protected. Doesn’t feel cheap, it’s sleek and elegant. Charges my iPhone X with my case on. The charging time is impressive. I was able to connect this to my Xbox or wall outlet.