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Moderne DIY 3D vægur

Moderne DIY 3D vægur
$49 USD $70 USD

 Dette 3D-vægur er ubesværet at sætte op, ingen boremaskine er nødvendig i væggen

Det er virkelig tydeligt, at den mest værdifulde ressource, vi alle har, er tid. Et strejf af futuristisk design af luksus inde i dit hjem, uanset om du kan lide at placere det i stuen, børneværelset, spisestuen, køkkenet, kontoret, badeværelset eller udendørs.

Dette moderne gør-det-selv 3D-vægur har samme funktion som et normalt ur. Det kræver lidt eller ingen indsats at sætte op. Nu kan du nyde at se din tid og også perfekt til boligdekorationer!



  • Nyd det sjove ved gør-det-selv: Opret dit eget unikke vægur. Kombiner uret med et sofabord eller en rund træplade, farve tallene som du vil.
  • Justerbar størrelse: Med det rammeløse design kan du nemt forlænge eller reducere diameteren på uret, så det passer til de forskellige størrelser vægge.
  • Nem at installere - Pakken inkluderer selvklæbende klistermærker og en ekstra skalalineal for nemmere installation. Hvert spejl har en beskyttende film, riv det venligst af efter installation. Intet behov for at bore huller.
  • Udbredt brugTil gaver og kunsthåndværk, forretningsgaver, feriegaver, salgsfremmende gaver, boligdekoration; Egnet sted:Stue, børneværelse, spisestue, køkken, kontor, badeværelse, udendørs.
  • Stil bevægelse: Ingen irriterende urlyde.

Der er kun én ting, der er mere værdifuld end vores tid, og det er, hvem vi bruger den på. Leo Christopher



Størrelse: 27/37/47 tommer
Strøm: 1 AA-batteri 



1 x gør-det-selv-vægursæt

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Love this! Easy to put together

I really like this product! Easy to put together. Brings a measuring tool to assist with placing the measurement you want. I did a diameter of 70 inches. Underneath it sits my 55 inch TV (to give you some sort of comparison, I know I was looking to see if anyone could provide that kind of info lol) I did read some reviews where people said it fell off after a few days.. still holding on strong for me and going on day 4 now. I think it will stay up.

Jasmine H.
Love it!

Love it!!

Jess S.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this DIY wall clock... It was easy to put up, but a tad time consuming. I think it took me around two hours to get it all done, in a meticulous manner, but it was worth it. It looks great!I went big on my clock, with it’s measurements right around 4.5 FT in diameter. I wanted it to consume the entire space above the fireplace, and to get the full effect of its abilities. Of course you can go bigger, like in a room with huge vaulted ceilings and what not, this clock will compliment just about any room. Plus they come in different designs and color options. It’s quite universal.At first, upon opening the box, I was a little uneasy with the product, as it stood before me, and I thought it was missing some numbers, until I remembered that some were spelled out and some were dots, and the rest were in it’s form. Then I was thinking, they didn’t look as great as I imagined, but that was because the shiny outer layer portion of the numbers have a removable protector film over its surface, to be removed after they’re installed and in place.For starters, I was a bit hesitant in purchasing this because my walls are textured, and this product recommends, to be used on smooth surfaces, however I took my chances, and figured I’d make it work, one way or another.In order to prevent them from falling, I first cleaned each surface area with an alcohol swab. I used one swab per number, which thankfully I have hundreds of, so it worked out. The numbers stick well and a couple of them, I even removed and replaced because I placed slightly crooked, and I have a thing about anything, even a tad off measure. But even upon my remove and replace mishap they still stuck on very easily and seem pretty secure. As of now, they don’t seem like they’ll fall off going forward, but if they do, I’ll just use a little adhesive to solve that, if it were to become a problem.This DIY clock also comes with a diameter measuring tool, that helps you place each number in its precise spot. If it weren’t for that, I probably would of taken 5 hours to get them lined up the right way, lol... Even as I was putting them on the wall accordingly, I would question its position, because it would seem off, while up close, it’s hard to tell unless your from afar, to really see if something is straight, or crooked, or too high or too low, and my pet peeve, is anything uncentered. But I trusted the tool, and when I was finished, I stood back and said “wow” it looks great!!! Although I must advise on using a pencil to mark the areas before actually installing, I think it would of taken me less time, had I done that, but I just measured, wiped, peeled and stuck each as I went along.I also went off the instructions a bit, in where it says to mount the clock mechanism then place the measuring to on its center while lining up your numbers, but I used two thumb tact’s placing the tool in the center where the clock hands will go, and didn’t install it until the end. Because the paper tool was easier to utilize It, and keeping it stationary, so your numbers aren’t flawed. Because if your holding it in place with your hand, it will move, and while up close, it’s very hard to actually determine where the center is, and rather or not it’s lined up precisely. Even a slight 1/4 inch adjustment, can make a huge difference in your end results. Ascetics is primary.As for the center mechanism, I followed the instructions, but was afraid of messing it up, because you need to place each hand in a gentle, yet firm application, and I wasn’t sure how much pressure to put on it, to get them in place. At first I got it all in place, but thankfully my husband happend to be walking by, when I was on this step, because I didn’t have then on all the way, and I also could’nt get the battery in right away. Which BTW takes AA. He put the hands in place correctly and slightly adjusted the little metal component for the battery to fit inside it’s compartment securely. Then I was able to hang it on the wall. Which BTW, upon doing so, I without thinking removed the measuring tool after I finished putting the numbers, and Id advise to whoever going this route, to keep that center tool up, until you put the clock hand in place, because now I had to re-align it to find its precise center. But it wasn’t too bad. All, in all. I love it. I am definitely glad I bought this product, and from all the different decretive items I’ve purchased recently, since we’ve moved in our new house, a month ago, this is definitely on of my faves. No disappointments what so ever, and with only around $20 bucks spent, it certainly was not a waste, like I felt about a few other things I’ve bought on line for the house. So, yey, I’m super excited with this one!!! My husband was also very pleased when he came in, he said: WOW that looks good! I said: I know right?! I love it.

Love this clock

Makes our guest area look elegant at our fashion studio downtown. Price was fantastic.

A touch of classy

Perfect !