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The Skyler - Angst Fidget Ring

Reducer angst, mens du spinner med stil.

Skyler er en moderne klassiker, der kan parres med ethvert outfit. Ringen drejer frit mod din finger for at distrahere enhver form for indkommende stress. Ringens roterende bevægelse er designet til at berolige angst og bringe en fredelig sindstilstand. Skyler er et udsøgt stykke med smukke detaljer til at imponere.

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The Skyler - Angst Fidget Ring
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  • Rustfrit stål
  • Hypoallergen og ridsebestandighed
  • Plejeoplysninger:
    • Fjern smykker, før du bader eller vasker hænder.


Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Alicia R.
Great for people with anxiety!

I purchased this for my boyfriend and he loves it. He has some anxiety and it helps him through the day because he can fidget with the chain thing. It spins all the way around the ring. We have had it about 9 months and the color hasn't tarnished or faded. It fit just right as well. I believe it is very fairly priced and I would probably purchase this again if we lose this one or what not.

Neat Edgey Ring

Love this ring! The ring itself feels pretty good in quality and the details on it are pretty clean. The chain that wraps around the ring also spins which is a pretty cool detail. Also I have been hitting this ring against a lot of hard surfaces accidentally while wearing it and it's still in flawless condition. Very happy with this purchase.

Great ring!!

Fidget is an awesome bonus. Originally got it for the aesthetic of it but realized the chain spins! This is my 2nd time buying this. 1st one lasted 5 years, worn every day in a factory. Very sturdy steel. The chain broke is all cause my boyfriend would fidget with it constantly so the fact it lasted that long is amazing, especially for the price! Will buy again and recommend :•)

Bought for my child with anxiety

I have an adult child in college who has auditory processing disorder and now anxiety/OCD (thanks COVID!). He gets fidgety sometimes and this really helps him kind of focus as he can spin it when he gets anxious. Helps him refocus.

Great for Attention Deficit Disorder

I wanted to find a ring that spins in order to occupy my hands and deal with my A.D.D a little better. My fingers are between sizes so I went with the larger size (9) and boy was that smart. I wear this ring on my pointer finger to spin it with my thumb and it fits great both there and on my actual ring finger. The chain was a little hard to spin when I first put it on but after about a day of wearing it and spinning it, the following day it spun much more smoothly