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Lotus Orb - For Purity & Wellness

Lotus Orb - For Purity & Wellness
$49 USD

The symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration & rebirth.


With its beautifully handcrafted eastern-inspired design...

Along with its religious patterns and artisan-level metallurgy...

It makes for a unique conversation starter for guests glued to its exotic design.


"Watch in awe as smoke flows out through the gilded patterns!"


  • Durable Alloys - Made of high-quality tempered alloys for a strong and solid design that won't break.
  • Exotic Design - Masterfully crafted patterns and edges for an exotic and rich finishing!
  • Multi-Function - Is capable of holding different varieties of incense. The incense stick holder can also be removed for aromatherapy uses.
  • Easy-Clean-Up - Designed to easily catch ash so you won't have to sweep the floor after burning a candle.
  • Unique Gift - Makes for a unique and exotic gift to give in any special event.



Eco-friendly: Yes 

Size: 7*6cm

Package: 1pc



Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Easy to clean and very pretty

Very easy to clean, and looks beautiful. It works well with the cone incense. I have tried the stick one as well, but I don't like that as much. Overall I love it and it gets used a lot.

Jasmine H.
Great product, very happy

Absolutely love this product. Came in looking beautiful and in great condition. Works wonderfully with incense cones. Would highly recommend!

Jess S.
You'll love it :)

Nice weight to it being that it's made of copper alloy. You could even mistake it for aged brass. The top is easy to wipe clean with a damp rag and the inner tray actually comes out as well for easy cleaning. My one and only complaint was the little turquoise bead at the top. I picked at it extremely lightly and it popped right off but thankfully a little touch of super glue and it's perfect again.I'd definitely recommend this piece as I plan to buy some for friends as gifts. And if you're wondering about the nice tray, it's a stone ware plate I found at Walmart for $6.

Beautiful and ornate!

I love it! I LOVE incense and only use the standard wooden one that holds up the stick or my ceramic one that I got in a set at Walmart. A few sticks later and my table is a ashy mess! I wanted something that looked nice and kept the ashes contained, it does just that! It comes apart in separate pieces so it would be extremely easy to clean. And you can use stick, coil and cones in this thing too!


I wasn't expecting this to be such a high quality material for the price. But this was worth every penny!