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Faux Rose Peony

Faux Rose Peony
$29 USD $35 USD

Η Faux Rose Peony διακοσμητική σύνθεση με λουλούδια θα δημιουργήσει μια αναζωογονητική ατμόσφαιρα στα σπίτια μας. Όμορφα και ζωντανά χρώματα που θα περιβάλλουν τον χώρο σας με ευτυχία.


  • Υλικό: Μετάξι
  • Διαθέσιμες επιλογές χρωμάτων
  • Μήκος κατά προσέγγιση: 11,8 ίντσες/ 30 cm
  • Ανθεκτικό στο ξεθώριασμα
  • Σημείωση: Το βάζο δεν περιλαμβάνεται

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Good value

I bought these as gifts for my students. I separated each bundle so that I could give an individual rose to each of my students on Valentine's day. They really enjoyed the roses and felt so appreciated. The roses are beautiful and the stems bend easily for however you want to present them. I had a couple of students incorporate them into their hairstyles. I definitely recommend these. They look great in the bouquet as well.

Lorraine M.
Lifelike and beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful and lifelike looking roses. When I saw the first set, I ordered 2 more sets. I created the table centerpieces for my little cousin's sweet 16 with them. I needed to add a few extra silk roses plus a few sprigs of faux baby's breath to make it more full and coordinate with her colors, and they turned out stunning! I highly recommend these flowers.


Very beautiful flowers! I am very pleased.

yolanda h.
Value and worth the money for the product

I made an artificial arrangement and placed the flowers in a rustic metal tub. I then put the tub out in my front flowerbeds. We had a bad winter and many of my real plants did not make it, so I am replacing with artificial flowers for the time being. These artificial flowers do the trick and you cannot tell the difference from the live plants. I plan on buying another round of these, as i bought several to begin with.

Modus C.
They look real!

I needed an assortment of blush and white flowers for some wedding bouquets and these roses were amazing! They worked into the bouquets beautifully. High quality for the money. Extremely pleased! Highly recommend!