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Φως της Ζωής

Φως της Ζωής
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Λατρεύεις τη μουσική. Και το θέλεις χωρίς κόπο. Έτσι το κάναμε ασύρματο. Θα αναρωτιέστε γιατί το κάνατε αλλιώς.

Το Φως της Ζωής - ένα μοναδικό, μοναδικού σχήματος και εκπληκτικό έργο τέχνης που λειτουργεί κάτι περισσότερο από μια απλή λάμπα. Είναι κομψό και έχει μια λεπτή απόχρωση από ξύλο κερασιάς και φωτεινότητα που μπορεί να ρυθμιστεί ομαλά μέσω των χειριστηρίων αφής στη βάση.

Επιπλέον, η βάση της λάμπας διαθέτει επίσης ενσωματωμένη ασύρματη φόρτιση , ώστε να μπορείτε να φορτίζετε οποιοδήποτε τηλέφωνο ασύρματα !

Αυτή η εκπληκτική λάμπα διαθέτει ακόμη και ενσωματωμένο ηχείο Bluetooth νεοδυμίου. Απλώς αντιστοιχίστε τη συσκευή σας με τη λάμπα και παίξτε ασύρματα την αγαπημένη σας μουσική. Μπορείτε ακόμη να χρησιμοποιήσετε τα χειριστήρια αφής στη λάμπα για να παραλείψετε τραγούδια και να ρυθμίσετε την ένταση.

Πείτε αντίο στις θαμπές και δυσάρεστες λάμπες γραφείου.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Jess S.
Neat-o Bandit-o!!

Bought this as an “It’s Thursday and I love you” gift for my hubby. He loves the atheistic value and its usefulness. The sound from the Bluetooth speaker is remarkably good and the dim-able light is super cool. The fact that it is also a wireless charger is an added bonus! This is a very useful gift that anyone would love, not just a man. He is not using it on his nightstand, as I had intended, but on his table next to the couch for extra light in the evening and listening to his music while he futzes around the house. This is an all around winner in my book!! So, just hit the “buy it now” button and get it over with ;)

Jasmine H.
Soft, ambient lighting

I bought this for my bedside table, and I am enjoying it very much. The light is not glaring, so if you need to turn it on in the middle of the night, you won't be shocked awake and your eyes do not need to adjust so you can see. The speaker works nicely, and I have no complaints. The sound quality is good for a single speaker. Not a deep bass, room shaking experience, but I enjoy it. I love the convenience of wireless phone charging. You do have to set the phone down exactly right in order for it to charge. That is a little bit annoying. Also, there is an indicator light that is orange when the charger is not in use. The orange light blinks when you are trying to find the right location to set your phone for charging, then the light turns blue, and your phone wakes up when you have found the right spot for charging. The blue light bothers me at night because I like a very dark room when I'm trying to sleep. I solved that problem by putting some black electrical tape over the light. I pull it up when I want to know if the phone is charging, then put it back over the light while I sleep. Not ideal, but I still like this lamp. The lamp is pretty lightweight, not super sturdy, so I wouldn't give it to a young child, as they would probably break it if they are too rough. A teenager would probably be able to enjoy this if they are not rough with it.

A beautiful lamp

It's packaged like it's something you spent a lot of money for, because you did. But it's a sleek little minx, lovely. I wish the wood were real wood and I wish the trunk were real metal. But then it'd cost even more. The light isn't that bright, so if you're getting it to read, nope. But it's warm. The wireless charging works like a champ and isn't too particular about where the phone sits on it. And the most surprising thing is how nice the wireless speaker function is. The sound is pretty good. We bought two of these, to sit on the nightstands on either side of the bed. I just wish I could pair both the speakers together and play music. But otherwise, I think this product is fairly fantastic.

Very stilysh bedside lamp!

I had been looking at this lamp for some time and from the time I got it in the mail I am in love with it! the light can be dimmed by a very soft touch only, it is also a wireless phone charger, al I have to do is place my phone and it charges , it also has sleep light mode ! The sound is excellent and the wood even smells super nice, I love how the designer added real wood in this lamp! The size is perfect for what it is, it does not have to be any larger than what it is, everything is very delicate and refined !

Kenny K.
Very nicely made

It is obvious in the user pictures that some people might have gotten questionable knockoffs. Mine was not one of these. It is beautiful, works very well and while the speaker is not earth shattering, it is more than adequate.