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Cyber Runner - Spice Up Your DRLs!

Red To Yellow
Blue To Yellow
Ice Blue To Yellow
White To Yellow
Cyber Runner - Spice Up Your DRLs!
Rs. 1,400.00 USD

Give your DRLs a new color!


Featuring cutting-edge LED action, cyber runner gives your DRLs a whole new look!

As you cruise through the night, it's hard to ignore the crisp colors your headlamps are showing.

And don't you worry...

Cyber Runner is an easy-to-install lighting device with ultrastrong adhesives that never come off.

Not to mention how flexible it is, letting you run it through any angle you need it on.


"Treat your car to a unique new look!"


  • Slicker Style - It gives a unique and sharp style to your car's headlamps. A fool-proof addition if you're planning on having a car that stands out.
  • Easy-To-Install - You won't even need to be an expert to put these on your car. The instructions speak for themselves!
  • Insanely Waterproof- Head into a car wash and the adhesives won't have any problem staying on!
  • Flexible Strips - It's so flexible you won't run into any problems bending it to angles it needs to stay on.
  • Different Colors- You can choose from Red, Blue, Ice Blue, Yellow, or White, and have different colors on each headlamp for a full personalized effect.



Lumens: 2400 Lm

Voltage: 12V

Material Color: White

Item Weight: 120g

Color: White, Ice Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow

Length: 30cm,45cm,60cm

Special Features: Waterproof, Super Bright

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