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EasyTurn™ Anti-Bed Sore Pillow

EasyTurn™ Anti-Bed Sore Pillow
Rs. 8,000.00 USD

 Prevent Bed Sores & Provide the Best Care!

*Part of the proceeds goes towards our hardworking Front Line Health Care Workers*

Perform any simple turn while providing care for your loved ones. The EasyTurn Anti-Bed Sore Pillow is the most functional turning aid that can be operated by a single person, protecting your back while providing care for any individual. Simply insert legs on the rotating mat and swing left or right, preventing sores and reducing the difficulty of incontinence care. Made with high-quality pearl cotton foam, it’s raised pillow provides a comfortable leg wedge to relieve any pressure on any part of the body. Provide safe and efficient care to your loved ones today!

  • PROTECT YOUR BACK – This functional easy turn over device allows you to turn any individual easily. EasyTurn™ Anti-Bed Sore Pillow can be operated safely by a single person, reducing the burden of your family while saving your back!
  • BED SORE PREVENTION – Soft Foam like material helps prevent pressure sores and relieving the suffering of patients. Easily change the individual’s position in bed every 2 hours to help keep blood flowing. This helps keep the skin stay healthy preventing bedsores.
  • NURSING ASSISSTANCE – The magical flip pad can move left and right maintaining the position of limbs easily for an easy turn. Reduce the difficulty of incontinence care when changing, washing, tidying up clothes/sheets, wiping, changing diapers, and placing a potty.
  • FUNCTIONALITY – The raised leg wedge can relieve the discomfort and pressure on the knees, hips and lower back. A raised pillow can also promote blood circulation to relieve swelling, pain and fatigue.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made with high-quality pearl cotton foam and a waterproof jacket. It is easy to clean with a breathable sponge like material. Anti-deforming after repeated used and prevents skin abrasions for the elderly
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES – Suitable with any patient lying in bed needing additional assistance. Patients coming out from general anesthesia, cognitive dysfunction, limb motor dysfunction, major surgeries, obese patients, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
The Hospital Staff Loved It

My mom developed a bedsore on her tush at the hospital (don't get me started) and the staff just stuffed pillows under her in multiple spots to get her raised off the bed. I found this pillow, bought it and took it to the hospital, and good lots of ooohs and aaahs from the staff. Most had never seen it before (a handful actually had) and it made turning from side to side sooooooo much easier. I got a 2nd one for when mom came home - the instructions say if you have trouble getting the patient to stay off the backside to use two, one on each side, to completely lift up the tush. Works well so we don't have to wake her every two hours for turning, and she's finally getting some undisturbed sleep!!

Worth the money!

My mom is at the end of her life here on Earth. We were using pillows as we turned her while in bed. Trying to keep her from getting bedsores. The pillows weren’t working. So I opened up my Amazon Prime and typed in comforters for back to prevent bedsores and this popped up. It was $120 while all the other products a third or less the price. But we all know you can’t trust the reviews but this time they looked legit. We ordered it and it is worth its weight in gold! Do yourselves a favor and order it. Your loved one will thank you!

I put the box out for the trash!

This product was received today, and had only been here maybe an hour. My husband (bedbound due to a stroke) asked if I could please turn him to the side. This had not been possible with a pillow - it just did not work. I followed directions and placed the wedge under his left side. I said, "How is that?". He said, "Perfect". I went and put the box out for the trash! Thank you so much. I wish I had looked for something like this months ago.

Bedsore Cushions Works!

I’ve been a user of the Bedsore Rescue (BackBone) cushion for the better part of a year. I know from my personal experience that it works, and it works better than any product currently offered. I developed 3rd stage bedsores after a lengthy stay of 58 days in recovery from open-heart surgery. During that period I was exposed to every device and/or procedure the hospital had to offer. Pillows, angled cushions, waffle mattresses, and ointments. None of these worked! Forget about turning schedules. The staff turnover was so frequent that the nursing group never had knowledge of what I needed from shift to shift. So to feel the immediate relief that I felt the day my wife walked in with that cushion is indescribable. The pain disappeared and the healing process began with measurable progression. My open ulcers were closed in 45 days! I continue to use the cushion in virtually every aspect of my life such as long periods of dialysis.It’s disappointing to me to read testimonials that are inaccurate or even worse, being applied to ailments other than bedsores. I’ve come to know Ms. Gwen Jewell as a caring, knowledgeable wound nurse that is committed to better healthcare for specifics issues that hospitals are minimizing in their treatment. I sincerely hope that anyone considering purchasing this product that is suffering from bedsores or pressure ulcers take a leap of hope for the specific use for which it was designed.

Amazing product

My husband has stage 4 pressure ulcer and these wedges have help significantly in a few weeks. It was also the first time I've heard him say he is comfortable. We have 2 because he is a difficult turn. I would highly recommend these.