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Comby™ - 2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer

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Comby™ - 2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer
Rs. 4,000.00 USD

"Get your fur babies huggably soft, fresh & cheerful!"

Have you encounter bathing your pets and having to dry them fast without getting them anxious with all the blow drying heat that might cause your pets skin problems. 

Or you just want to save time to grooming your pet...

If you are reading this whether you are a fur parent or someone that just loves cats and dogs. Your lovely & adventorous pets gonna love this! 

 We all love how our pets look cute, clean & joyful. Our Comby™ - 2-In-1 Pet Hair Dryer gives your pet the relaxing and soothing feeling of grooming.  Our pet grooming dryer especially designed for all breeds of cats and dogs. 

Forget about all the cost you have to pay for grooming, you can now have the peace of mind of taking care of your own pet without breaking your bank.



This Comby™ - 2-In-1 pet grooming dryer is the solution to dry your pet with loving care. After a bath, rainy walk, or on a cold winter's day, this dryer and brush can be used to provide warmth and comfort to your dog.

The slicker brush is safe to remove tangles and excess fur, to keep pet's hair soft and shiny. Great for pet hair home grooming, fast drying and beautiful grooming, more convenient and time saving.


More Quiet: The low-noise pet hair dryer gives the energy to dry your pet's hair while keeping the noise down. The noise level is tolerable that will not scare your pets away. The perfect hair dryer that gives you more control over your dogs and cats.




  • 2 Heat Level & Energy Saving: High and low levels of setting gives you a rapid drying process. 
  • 2-in-1 function - 2-in-1 dog hairdryer can blows and groom dog hair, saving your time and effort
  • Has overheat protection feature, the device will automatically shutdown if the temperature is too high to prevent overheating
  • Do it your own grooming is gentle and does not hurt the skin, allowing your pet to easily enjoy the drying service
  • Made of durable Stainless Steel Slicker Brush
  • Easy one hand brush for one-click pet fur removal
  • It is portable lightweight, and easy to use.



  • Towel dry your pet's fur first before using the dryer brush
  • Avoid blowing air directly at sensitive areas like their face, ears, or genitals.



Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Must have beginner home grooming tool

Best grooming tool I've ever used. Not super powerful, but easiest and fastest. Not to mention she's quite comfortable being brushed/dried. Air dry for 15-30 min and 15-20 min brushing with the dryer and she's done!


These are actually pretty neat. I have been grooming dogs for 13 years now. And I came across something similar to this product. Of course I had to do my usual research. And I purchased this one. I used it the other day at the salon. And I like it a lot. It hasn't scared the dogs that are afraid of the dryer. And so far this is doing really well with Bichons/Poodles. Also, you must note, that it does get warm/hot. do not linger in one place for too long, Remember dogs body temps. are higher than ours, so you don't want to overheat them.I do like this tool, I would just caution any "new" groomer/non groomer to be careful and always be mindful of the heating part of this tool.

Do not touch their skin

I love this dryer is not as strong and loud as my dryer so my dogs are more calm but I suggest to go on a soft motion and do not rub hard on the skin because of the bristles can bother your pet Read instructions please and use common sense

Bill H.
Great dryer for fluffing out wet legs and underbelly

I am using this for my Bichon who has show length hair. I use it for her legs and underbelly. I have another dryer that almost blowers the water off of her, but I can’t use it and brush and lift a leg, etc. I love this dryer. It is a little large in the handle area so my hand gradually inches forward to the thinner neck and it gets warmer. I also use this for my little “hot dog” when she goes out on damp grass. Being able to dry that hair immediately while brushing out keeps those nasty little toe mats out.

Best buy yet

Worked a lot better than I thought it would. Was able to dry my little man in places he wouldn’t let me dry with a hair dryer, like his back legs. The heat wasn’t to hot for him but dried him pretty quick.