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Smartbot Curtain™

Bluetooth gateway
Smartbot Curtain™
Rs. 4,900.00 USD
SmartBot Curtain™ is a patented, high-tech window covering that enhances your privacy and security. It is a HIGH-TECH, COOL AND EASY TO USE device made up of two parts that are joined together by a magnetic seal. Now you can control the light and privacy in any room, at any time and all through a free smartphone app! It's so easy to use, it's like magic!

SmartBot Curtain™ uses advanced sensors to open the curtain when guests ring your doorbell or knocks at your door. No need to stand at the door fumbling with a remote or your telephone before you answer. SmartBot Curtain™ solves this problem, it just opens and greets you right away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Fantastic piece of equipment 👌

This is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment! Easy to install and does the job very convincingly. It does make some noise but so do most other systems. I can operate it from Alexa, from iphone, and from Apple Watch.

Must have item.

I'm very happy with this item it was supper easy to connect and works amazing and hookup was fast maybe 10 minute to put on curtains and connect to app very easy.i like the idea of not touching my curtains now I use the schedule on app to open and close them......

Fantastic piece of kit and simple to set up

This product was super simple to set up, took me less than 5 minutes from unboxing to finish configuration.It has a number of great use features - I like to schedule the curtains to open at sunrise and close at sunset. Pairing with other devices I can also close them if it gets a bit cold!

It works even with heavy weighted curtains

What I like most of this product is that the details are polished. You can configure the position of the beginning and the end of your curtain bar and from there you can just open or close with a single click or voice command. Don't need to keep pressing the button and waiting until the process is completed.

Cumplió con las espectativas

The media could not be loaded.  Llevo con el producto más de un mes, fue muy facil de instalar el integrar con Google assistant, todavía no lo he tenido que cargar pues está apenas en 57%. Lo recomiendo plenamente pero sugiero que las cortinas sean con argollas para que el bot trabaje más fácil.