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BeardUp™ Shaping Comb

BeardUp™ Shaping Comb
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Get a clean and sleek beard in instant! Much more than just for looks, growing and maintaining a properly groomed beard can change your outlook on life, leading to new opportunities you never knew existed. Our mission is to help men realize their full potential by providing excellent products that promote clean skin, leading to excellent beard growth, giving you the edge and confidence as gentlemen. 

The BeardUp  is design for all types all possible head sizes, hairline shapes, and beard curves. It gives you accuracy on all angles and grips to produces asymmetrical beard and hairline trim. It is Compatible with any clipper, shaver, trimmer, or razor (straight or disposable). 
  • GROOM YOUR BEARD TO THE PERFECT SHAPE - No more expensive shaves from the barber! Get perfectly symmetric beard trimming lines in a matter of minutes! Simply line up our Beard Shaping Tool to get professional accurate shave lines in no time!
  • THE PERFECT LINE - Use this facial hair shaping template and its handy leveling marks as a reference to achieve a symmetrical look quickly and easily! Just place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your razor do the rest!
  • GET THE SHAPE YOU WANT - This amazing facial hair template will help you shape your cheek line, neckline, jawline, mustache, goatee, sideburns, and more. It even features different styles - curve cut or step cut for your cheek, for example. Choose the one that suits you!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO BARBER - Don't spend another cent on a barber to line your beard! Save money with a beard shaping template and always have a fresh beard in the convenience of your own home.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR MEN - Gift Ready Package Do you love your bearded men? Well, he loves his beard too! Help bring the dapper stud out in him with the Essentials Inc Beard Shaper Trimmer.


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