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All-New Deep Blackhead Acne Remover with Hot Compress

All-New Deep Blackhead Acne Remover with Hot Compress
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Give your Face A Natural Beauty Look that will get rid of excess dirt and oil from your face with Our All-New Deep Blackhead Acne Remover with Hot Compress!

 Our All-New Deep Blackhead Acne Remover promises to leave your skin face radiant and smooth to leave your skin a whole lot cleaner after each treatment.

Much of the embedded dirt, dead skin cells, unclog pores, and oily skin can be found in our cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin, so these are the areas you need to concentrate on with our deep cleaning Blackhead Acne Remover

Once you’ve started on a pore cleansing regimen, you’ll notice that your skin will become brighter and softer in about two to three weeks. Results vary but you will definitely see improvement. Users of Deep Blackhead Acne Remover have sworn to their effectiveness in gaining softer and brighter skin!

Say goodbye to Blackhead Troubles and Acne problems...

Introducing Our All-New Deep Blackhead Acne Remover with Hot Compress Adopt upgraded vacuum absorption technologyfor super strong suction to effortlessly suck out blackhead, whitehead, dead skin, make-up residue, acne, and pimple without hurting your skin, non-irritating and painless!


Features and Benefits 

  •  Easy to use Warm Compress Mode, Our blackhead vacuum remover has a hot compress, can open your pores and soften the blackhead, grease, or acne, and makes blackhead easier to remove.
  • Built-in 3 adjustable suction levels and 4 interchangeable suction heads for free adjustment, widely suit different skin types and work on different skin areas, fully meet your custom pores cleaning demands.
  • LED Display and Portable, Our pore cleaner can show you the suction power and hot compress, very convenient. User friendly to operate for instant enjoyment.
  • Large capacity 500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be powered by USB charging, you can practically access the power supply via PC, tablet, adapter, power bank, and other USB-enabled devices
  • Ergonomic streamline body and smooth surface allow for comfortable holding grips, lightweight and portable for both home and travel use with carrying a breeze.

Important side note:

The Product is NOT suitable for the following people:

1. People with skin disease, skin allergies, dermatitis, and severe sunburns.

2. People with skin injury, eczema, and swelling.

3. People who just recovered from surgery.

4. People with physical, sensory, or mental problems are suggested to use under a guardian’s direction.


Output Power: 5W

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Power Supply: USB Charging

Charging Time: 90 Minutes

Suction Level: 3 Levels(Low - Medium - High)

Hot Compress Function: Yes(70℃-75℃/158℉-167℉)

Product Size: appr. 172*35*35mm/6.77x1.37x1.37in

Package Included:

1* Vacuum Electric Blackhead Remover Cleaner(Main Unit)

4* Replaceable Suction Head

1* Silicone Protection Cover

1* USB Cable

1* User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Great quality product

This product was well packaged and great quality! It is heavy duty and removes blackheads like it says it does. The only thing is the instructions say to smear blackhead liquid.. it did not come with any specific liquid so I’m not sure what to use. I used warm water and went from there. It worked:) great quality!! I would definitely buy this again!

Awesome Blackhead Remover !!!

Best blackhead remover ever!!Good suction without causing a lot of redness!!I have posted a video and it’s taking out all my black and white heads wonderfully.Has 3 suction gears so that you can opt for suction you want depending on your skin type.Highly recommended!!!

Powerful suction, comes with a lot of tools

I was so excited to try this and it met my expectations 100%!! My mom has had blackheads on her nose for yearsss that we just could not take out and the vacuum helped pull them out then I used one of the tools to scrape them off. So satisfying and my moms nose looks so much better!! I’m buying one for my cousin for Christmas love it

Great little tool

Not sure why I didn't buy one of these a long time ago. Actually, I was hesitant because I looked at reviews of others and they weren't so great. Many products like this one have either negative or mixed reviews. Then I stumbled upon this one... Glad I decided to try it. The suction is good. I like that it has multiple levels of suction. The device itself, actually feels solid and not of cheap quality. I used it on someone's face, who has large pores and some blackheads. What came out was disgusting lol. However, after using it, the skin began to look clear. Overall, this was a good purchase and definitely reccomend.

Great deal/ quality product

I love this pore vacuum. I had been searching for one for over a month and just couldn’t hit the buy button until this deal. Best extraction tool I’ve used. I had quite a few milium. Between the extraction tools creating an opening in the skin and the vacuum suction power, they are completely gone.