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FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector

Make your posture the one thing you don’t have to think about.

FLEX PRO™ corrects you Posture so it becomes Second Nature!


Improve Your Posture and Radiate Confidence TODAY!



FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector
$39 USD

You slouch because you forget not to (we all do). FLEX PRO™ makes it second nature!


Why FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector?

FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector is not about a temporary fix. When your body adjusts to wearing our Posture Corrector, muscle memory will form so that even when taking it off, your body will naturally adjust to its newer and healthier posture. The lightweight but firm material is adjustable and made of breathable material which means you can wear it all day for maximum effect. Even under clothing!


Millions of people suffer from poor posture, especially due to computer work or play. Long hours working in front of computer screens pushes the head and neck forward causing extreme slouching over years. The FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector counteracts this and helps create healthy confident posture.


It is said that body language is 80% of communication. And healthy correct posture communicates confidence. Studies show that men and women who have more better posture, get more job interviews! More studies also show that people with great posture get 3X more dates than people who slouch!



Poor posture can be detrimental to health! If you are in front of a screen for gaming or even at work, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture. Even athletes can suffer from this due to muscle imbalances.

So whether you are male or female, athlete or gamer, our Posture Corrector is a must. FLEX PRO™ Posture Corrector fits comfortably and is adjustable to multiple body types. It firmly pulls the shoulders back, eliminating the "rounding" of shoulders which cause unhealthy poor posture. Additionally, our Posture Corrector is amazing for helping athletes maintain proper back form while working out to also help prevent injuries. Look confident, feel confident and be healthier!



Small: For kids or small adults 90 lbs - 140 lbs (40 kg - 64 kg)
Medium: For adults up to 150 lbs - 180 lbs (68 - 82 kg) .
Large: For adults between to 181-200 lbs (83 kg - 102 kg).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Brian D.
I love it!

Thankful I found this item!

Mike S.
Good product

It shipped very fast, two days. The minute I tried it on it helped to straighten my back.

works instantly to correct slumping, straighten posture and make you aware of the correct posture,

I found it worked immediately to pull my shoulders back and down which reduced the slumping my wife can't stand.

Curtis B.
Simple but Effective

I look forward to continuing to use this.Update: still works good- elastic and Velcro still intact - though my use of it has waned. It does bunch up my shirt at the armpits making it a smidge conspicuous if worn at work under a blazer. It was wishful thinking, honestly.

Deborah M.
Good support and pain relief. Nice look.

This us the best brace I've found for my shoulders and upper back. I have a connective tissue disorder that results in severe spinal pain and subluxation. Previous braces had a tendency to ride up in the back, rub under the arms, and not provide enough support. This one is provides for substantial support and can be lengthened in the back, preventing it from riding up. It seems to rub less under the arms; I only felt it rubbing after 6 hours of activity while wearing it.I'm an artist, and this brace has allowed me to work longer before it becomes too painful to continue. I messed up my neck and upper back earlier this week, and was able to work a bit anyway, while wearing this. For the past few days, it has been preventing slouching and speeding up the healing process.And if that's not enough, I really prefer the look of black braces to the stark medical appearance of white ones. Somehow I feel less self-conscious wearing them. I definitely recommend this brace.