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LED Face

UK PLUG (220-240V)
AU PLUG (220-240V)
EU PLUG (220-240V)
US PLUG (100-110V)
LED Face
$199 USD

LED Face is a revolutionary treatment. It's not just your common facial treatment. It wraps around your face allowing the light to penetrate the skin, stimulating cell production and elasticity. Allowing your skin to be more revitalized and youthful. It also helps promote Skin Hydration by boosting the blood flow.

LED Face Mask is easy to use. Put on the mask, adjust two straps for your eyes and mouth, turn on the power switch and then you will feel coolness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Best Choice

-This is my best choice,red light/blue light/yellow light/infrared 4in1 light therapy system.

Worth it!

I worked in aesthetic dermatology for 15 years and have done many light treatment using different devices. This is top quality, I was scared at first because I could find any info on the company. Turns out this is made by aaocare, it said so on the box when I got it. I immediately looked them up and was happy to know they make lots of devices. I used this light on my neck. I was in a car accident years ago and have neck issues and arthritis there. Boom it instantly felt less stiff. Use on my dads bad knee he had surgery and arthritis in it. Boom instant relief we was amazed because he had never had a light treatment. I’m so happy with this device that I am considering buying the professional one for my wellness office and buying other things they offer. So glad I found this!

As a 15+ Esthetician, I give my professional stamp of Affordable Quality

MUST BUY! I’ve been an esthetician for 15 years. I have worked in medical spas & received advanced training on LED Light Therapy. (I know what to look for) I wanted to upgrade my device I already have without breaking the bank. I wanted bigger, flexible, light weight, & affordable. After researching several other lights, I choose this one. The wavelength of all the lights is the correct amount. I read the whole manual-everything written is true & correct. This LED Light is light weight & flexible. I was able to open the box & use it right away. The goggles given are excellent quality. Goggle lenses are completely blacked out. I was expecting cheap goggles, not this great quality. This is the LED light you want! I think the reason why it is so affordable is because you're purchasing straight from the manufacturer. No middle man. You need not spend thousands of dollars for quality. Invest in this device, save money & reap the beauty-acne free-pain free benefits of LED therapy. I’m very happy with my purchase. Will buy another. No I’m not getting paid to write this- I just want to help save you money & time. :)

Amazing and Affordable LED! This is the BEST LED.

I'm so thankful I found this LED Light. It's been a while I keep looking the best and affordable one that I can add for my facial service. My clients love it! I can see the good result right after the treatment. I didn't like the LED that cover the full face and touched the skin. I heard from other clients that it's heavy and uncomfortable. I love this and I'm so thankful I found this. My client fell asleep while on her treatment. I tried it for myself. I really love it. Thank you for this amazing and affordable device that works Amazing!!

Great Unit, Great Price!

Modus photo therapy arrived from Modus Prime, packaging was in good shape.The unit was easy to set up and the directions were self explanatory on how to use.Have given myself 3 sessions so far. My skin has a warm glow after each use.I kept the unit about 1 to 1 1/2” from my face. You can feel the warmth but it is not hot at all.I’ll write another review after a few weeks to plot my progress. In my youth, I was a sun worshiper so now I have damaged skin, thus the reason for this purchase. Can’t wait for the coming weeks to see an improvement on my face and arms.