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This Motion Activated night light emits a soft glow in and around your toilet to ensure your safety when you need it. 


  • Smart motion sensor system: it will turn on when you're close, auto shut off when you leave 
  • 16-Colors: switching colors every 15 seconds or 120 seconds or you can set it to just one color 
  • UV Light Wavelength proven to fight bacteria
  • No more stumbling in the dark causing a mess
  • Easy Installation
$29 USD

Using the Bathroom at night is serious business. No one enjoys stumbling around in the dark or turning on bright lights and waking themselves up in the middle of the night! We share your pain! At LightBowl™, we are dedicated to helping you have the best late night bathroom experience possible!

We are on a mission! After one too many midnight bumps, bruises and alien abductions occurring while on route to rendezvous with the porcelain throne, LightBowl™ was born.   



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Customer Reviews

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Blake H.
Light Up Your Night!

Going to the bathroom at night can be a challenge. If you turn on the bathroom light you suffer night blindness. Of course you can use a night light, but a light that illuminates the object of your bathroom journey is a much better way to go. The changing colors can be mesmerizing. And while it lights up for just 2 minutes, a wave of the hand will give you another 2 minutes, and so on. Battery life averages 3 months. While some may view this as a frivolous accessory, the low price really makes this a fun addition to the sacred throne room in your home!


This is a super fun addition as a nightlight in my bathroom! Super easy use. Can rotate lighting in set to a specific color. I am gonna get them as fun gifts for my family! To clean, I simply lifted if off toilet rim with a disinfecting wipe and wiped it clean.with another. If was fun seeing my family's reaction when they walked into the dark bathroom!

Beautiful colors, works great!

This is even cooler than I thought it would be! It just clips on the rim of the toilet (you have to locate it on the side that will sense movement), and when the door opens or someone walks past, the light comes on. We have ours set to rotate through the colors, and we are now prone to family gatherings in the bathroom just to look at our pretty toilet! This was an inexpensive and very fun gizmo to get for the guy who has everything--a hit!

Jess S.
Great invention!!!

Love this light, we are off grid so there�s no powers on at night, this flicks on as soon as you get to the door to the bathroom. One thing is, I set it on red for Christmas and it looked like the portal to hell. Nothing as frightening as seen that at 2am! So if you don�t want to feel like the demons are summoning you pick another color.

Perfect stocking stuffer and great conversation starter!

Great conversation starter gift! Several friends received these for Christmas and were delighted. It�s useful at night and puts out just enough light. Just add the batteries and that�s all there is to it!