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Magic Can Opener - One-touch Can Opener

Magic Can Opener - One-touch Can Opener
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Amazing Kitchen hack for all ages with just one touch of a button! Featuring The One-Touch Magic Can Opener!

Experience the blissful ease of one-touch can opening with our All-New One-Touch Can Openers. Opens the can in a blink of an eye!

Did you ever had a hard time opening your can with your traditional opener? or Did you experience accidentally injured yourself while getting excited to open your can goods?

No more twisting endlessly...

Use our Magic Can Opener - a battery-operated can opener that works instantly with just a push of a button. Opens in a breeze holds up the lid and hands-free!

Perfect for daily use. No pain on that arthritis. No strain, no effort. A lifesaver for any kitchen prep.



✔️ Innovative Technology: The can opener uses the latest technology, Comfort and luxury are the ideals we pursue.

✔️ Convenient Can-opening: The electric can opener is easy to use, just press the button to open the can, and it will stop automatically after completing the task. It is suitable for all sizes of cans. 

✔️ Durable and Safe: The electric can opener is made of durable, safe, and sturdy ABS and alloy steel, and it is an abrasion-resistant accessory, and it features safety grooves and sliding gears to help prevent accidental finger scratches. 

✔️ Easy to Clean: There is no need to wash the product with water, the stains on the product can be removed by using a clean damp cloth.

Care Instructions:

  • Magic Can Opener can be cleaned with a damp towel.
  • Do not submerge or clean under running water.
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Name: Electric Can Opener
Working voltage: DC2.4-3V
Battery: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Packing List:
Electric Can Opener * 1

English Manual * 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener

very easy one touch, stops automatically, great feature, smooth edges. Great value!


I have gone through a few of the other types of can openers which worked sometimes and sometimes not. The last one I bought I threw away, it would not open anything. I looked at reviews and bought this one to try. It works extremely well. This one is a keeper.

Cuts the lid around the rim for easy removal

works well

Amazing can opener that helps if you have Arthritis and cannot

Once I received it, it was challenging for me to operate until our Son stopped by one day and Bingo!!! A whole new world opened up.Wow 😯 what an amazing can opener. It even has a built in magnet to grab onto to the lid.We are very impressed. Thank You to however created such an amazing product.

This is wonderful

I purchased this due to increased difficulty opening cans with hand held manual style opener. I have limited counter space, so electric opener was not an option.I have used this new automatic opener every day since it has arrived and I am so pleased with the ease of use and the way it opens cans. It is a wonderful item would recommend it to anyone .