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OnCore™ High-Waisted Trainer

OnCore™ High-Waisted Trainer
$29 USD

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Some of the best moments in life… are the ones you can’t tell anyone about.

So go ahead, keep the secret shaping powers of the OnCore™ High-Waisted Shaper to yourself. But there’s no denying the visible effect this whisper light and breathable shapewear will have on your confidence.

Comfy as a second skin, this innovative design moves with you, not against you. Sit, stretch or dance. The no-slip silicone strip provides a stay-put fit you can count on. No chub rub, just the sensation your day is shaping up to be an amazing one.

  • Wrap your curves in 360° of tummy-to-thigh smoothing comfort
  • Tames your tummy and slims your thighs for instant outfit confidence
  • Perfect under tight jeans, short skirts and your favorite dresses
  • Invisible under clothes. Bye bye pantylines. Hello smooth and sleek
  • Instant slimming and tummy tucking effect makes any outfit look 10X better

8 Reasons makes THIS Shape-Wear unique: 

  • This OnCore™ High-Waisted Shape-wear will take your natural confidence and the sexy build you already have and enhance it
  • Provides posture support by helping you pull in your tummy and sit or stand up straight. Photographers will be the first to tell you what difference posture can make in portraits and wedding photos.
  • Guaranteed butt lifting plus tummy control and keeps the sensitive areas warm. Keep a sleek silhouette with this shapewear pair expertly crafted to feel like the top part of your favorite pantyhose while still providing moderate compression. Four-way stretch fabric and a legband-free design flatter your figure and create a bulge-free layer with daylong comfort.
  • Complementing a Weight Loss  by steering you towards eating smaller portions because it will restrict your belly, making large meals uncomfortable to consume. You will be comfortable eating small meals which is healthy
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence as most women who wear shape-wear retain a healthy and active lifestyle. Seeing your body in a sexy look will encourage you to pursue a healthy diet.
  • Invisible under clothes 
  • Reduction of visible cellulite. This OnCore™ High-Waisted Shapewear uses techniques like magnetic micro-massage to smooth and create more toned skin.Prevent chub rub of thighs against each other and makes you walk and run without pain.

 Frequently asked questions 

Question: Will it roll down after sometimes of wearing?
Answer: Our shaper short will not roll down even after wearing all day. It has four flexible steel strips stitched in the top to prevent it from rolling down.

Question: Will I be able to breathe and eat comfortably?
Answer: Absolutely, Our Shaper shorts is designed to wear for long time in different  occasions without making you feel uncomfortable. Its soft fabric will make you feel that you’re wearing anything else under your cloths. As long as you follow the size chart, and not wearing anything underneath, there won’t be any issue.

Question: Will it give me a one hell of a muffin top?
Answer: This Shaper Short is not lifting your tummy or squeezing your it near, or below waist. It will cover all your belly up to the Bottom of the rib cage compressing your tummy, and smoothing out the unnecessary contours. So no bye bye muffin tops.

** Please review sizing chart before placing your order to ensure you select the correct size. **

Click "Add to Cart" and have watch your confidence soar! 

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