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Mosquito Vortex - Get Rid of Pesky Mosquitos!

Large Sky Eye usb
Mosquito Vortex - Get Rid of Pesky Mosquitos!
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Enjoy a relaxing time outdoors & Indoors, mosquito-free!

It's stressful when mosquitos are out and about during the night...

You can't enjoy your bottle of beer when you're getting bit by these nasty things left and right!

But not anymore with Mosquito Vortex! This environmentally friendly mosquito gets the job done without making the usual "zapping" noise most mosquito killers make.

Making the best choice for an uninterrupted, and stress-free chill night with your friends and family at the patio!


"Never worry about mosquitos feasting on you"


  • Modern Mosquito Killer- Doesn't make the usual "zapping" sound you'd hear from the old mosquito-killing devices.
  • State-Of-The-Art Design- The sleek and functional design provides a unique and clean aesthetic to your patio scenery.
  • Easy-To-Clean- All of the mosquitos into this device are kept and dried out into the vacuum cylinder. So just take it off, dump them all into a trash bin, and that about does it!
  • Sonar Attraction- If you're ever wondering why on earth will a mosquito fly into the vacuum... This device features a sonar beacon designed to attract mosquitos around the area and into the vortex!
  • Portable Use- Besides being a very lightweight device, you can easily power the device by plugging it into a USB power bank!



Input: DC 5V - 1A

Power: 5W

Noise: less than 35 dB

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
It really works!

It really works! I’ve used multiple times and NO mosquitos!

Great at Keeping Flies, Mosquitos and other Insects Away

Hung it in my outdoor gazebo. Regularly can hear little snaps whenever it kills an insect. Otherwise quiet. Works fine to date. Nice and light.

Works exactly as designed.

Works well it’s nice and durable not really light weight but I’m my opinion better know it’s gonna last it does give off an electric hum that is kinda like being near one those big green boxes we usta play on and sit on when I was a kid so brings back memories but is a lil loud not overwhelming tho

Justice is served buggos

This zapper works great, will buy more!

It works!!

The bug Zapper I got is very useful.It doesn’t consume too much electricity which is awesome.The blue light is very useful for night.It’s easy to be moved and you can install it in any place or you can just place it on a straight surface.I didn’t get stung even once after I start using the zapper while I struggled with mosquitos before.