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Sunset Light Projector

Sunset Light Projector
$50 USD

Bring the sunset into your room!

The Sunset Light, a table lamp producing a beautiful glowing light turning any room into the most serene sunset scene. Relieve Stress & Anxiety with a spectrum of soft sunset colors which bring calming vibes to your room, this will help ease your mind from the day to day stress. Let the warm colors of the sunset transform your room into an environment filled with warmth and a relaxing atmosphere, letting you enjoy your own personal sunset!


"For the person who loves warm sunset light."


  • Relaxing Atmosphere - Relieve Stress & Anxiety with the relaxing aesthetic of a beautiful sunset inside your room!
  • Crystal Lens - Thick crystal lens for stronger and wider lighting.
  • Vertical Adjusting - The lamp head can be adjusted vertically to suit your lighting needs.
  • USB Cable - Easily power the device by plugging it into any USB port.
  • Gift Idea - The perfect gift to give to any person who loves watching the sunset!



    Voltage: DC5V

    Size: 25*12cm

    Product Weight: 500g USB

    Cable Length 1.2m

    Material: Aluminum + ABS T


    • Size: 27 x 9.6 cm
    • Dimmable
    • Wireless Functionality
    • Light Source: LED

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Amazing! 10/10

    Literally the best thing I�ve ever purchased!!!!! You�re confidence sky rockets and your photos come out so good!!

    Great addition to my room.

    Love my new sunset lamp. No complaints here.

    Did I absolutely NEED this? No.

    Is it now officially one of my favorite purchases? Yes.If you are reading the reviews because you are trying to decide if you should buy this, just hit the buy button. I�m telling you- when you get home from a long day, turn off your overhead lights, turn this sunset light on... it is a ?vibe?. It makes your whole room feel so relaxing and comfy. 100/10.

    Almost natural sunset recreation.

    I never really trusted this kind of devices since I have had bad experiences but this one is different.The sunset looks really natural.It's basically a projection of flight through a convex bulb.The color and the shape looks exactly like sunset.We could use it as a night lamp too but we are just using it for the purposes of creating a sunset like atmosphere in our living room area so the guests will be pleased.It can run on a power source through its integrated USB cable which also has an inline on/ off button.Almost natural looking sunset recreation

    Night Light Projector

    Sunset lights are compact, fit on the desk. This light is small in size but the large projection creates a 3D feeling like watching the sunset on the sea. The projector lamp has a vertical structure, made of aluminum, so it is sturdy. Suitable for use in bedrooms or offices.