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Doggy Door - Keep Your Pets Safe At Home

Doggy Door - Keep Your Pets Safe At Home
$33 USD $59 USD

Keep your pets safe inside!

Whether it's stopping them from climbing up or down the stairs...

Or separating them in their own rooms...

Doggy Dooris an easy-to-install & durable mesh that will keep your doggy friend safe and away from places that are off-limits!

Stop them from doing anything that could hurt them.


"Safeguard your little furry explorer & enjoy peace of mind."


  • Sturdy Gate -This wide and sturdy gate is 72cm tall and expands to 110 cm/180cm wide. It features a sturdy and tightly knitted mesh that will keep your doggy friend away from hazardous stairs and places where they shouldn't be at!
  • Easy-To-Install- Only takes a few steps and no complicated tool work to set this doggy gate up.
  • Perfect For Indoors- Can cover any entryway inside of the house. Letting you give your pets a cozy room of their own!
  • Lightweight & Portable- Perfect when you're traveling out with your pet thanks to its lightweight and portable design.
  • Gift Idea- A great gift to give to anyone who owns a pet.



Material: Nylon Mesh

Cloth Color: Black, beige

Size: Beige: 110x72cm/ 43.31x28.35, Black: 180x72cm/ 70.86x28.35

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Jess S.
Keeps dogs from damaging Camper screen door

Fits my camper door perfectly. The measurement is a little misleading. They don't go by a measurement from the screen door. Use a measurement from the entry door frame, or look for the lable in the door frame that give the door size, mine is a 30" entry door (size protector ordered) and my screen door is about 28" where this fits in ( once again the 30" is the correct o e for this door)

Jasmine H.
Follow measuring instructions

I loved this screen door protector, would have worked great for keeping my cats inside and safe in my RV, if they made a larger size. We have a 2020 Cardinal...the actual screen width is 29 inches, the door width is 31-1/2 inches. I went the wrong way, rounded down to 30, and that was the largest size they have. Unfortunately, the actual protector for a 30 inch door is 26-1/2 inches. It would have been very easy to install, just inserting the bottom in place and pulling the two spring-loaded tabs on the top to put it in place. Have to return in...wish they had one size larger...:(

Great screen but sizing is misleading.

We bought this for our Micro Minnie RV for traveling with the dog. It was easy to install and works great when you get the right size. We bought the 24" initially because we have a 24" door. The screen was too small. Our door had a 22.5" screen cut out. When we got the initial purchase, the instructions indicated that we needed the 26" door screen defender that fits a 22.5" screen cut out. After returning and getting the next size up, it was a breeze to install. It took less than 5 minutes by myself with no tools. It seems sturdy and will keep us from rescreening the door after camping with the dog.

Love it!

Wanted to protect the screen on our new Montana from our 1 year old lab. First order screen was too small so exchanged for the next size up. Great exchange. Heavy duty product that installs easily. Very happy with my purchase.

Good protector

Great screen protector, returned because I got the wrong size. Return process was super easy with a drop off at Kohls!