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AstroAI Minikoelkast - Slaapkamer Huidverzorgingskoelkast (6L / 8cans)


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  • Verzendgewicht: 3.2200kg
  • Netto Gewicht: 3.2200kg
  • Pakketlengte: 28.7020cm
  • Pakket Breedte: 20.3200cm
  • Pakket Hoogte: 29.2100 cm
  • Pakketbeschrijving: koelkast * 1 cm
  • 6L / 8cans

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Customer Support Makes the Company

The fridge works as advertised and is a great little addition to my car. I use it to keep small water bottles cool so my riders can be refreshed. It does its job quietly and unobtrusively. While the fridge does not keep items "freezing cold," it does a great job of keeping it cool (and that is exactly what it is described as doing).Quite apart from the fridge, the top-notch support provided by this company has simply blown me away. I reported a little problem with a component of the fridge and received a reply within one business day. Another day later, I received a complete solution to my problem in the mail. I was so impressed I went looking to see what other products AstroAI makes that I may need. This company stands behind its product and truly puts its customers first. This company's support is simply excellent.

Love it!

I use it in my bedroom to store my breast milk when I’m done pumping overnight. I don’t Have to go downstairs to store it in the fridge. Super convenient!! Great buy! Would make a great gift for anyone of any age :)

Feel like a celebrity

This is a great little fridge for my skincare. Keeps everything cold and it’s so luxurious feeling. It’s like Owning a little bit of the YouTube beauty celebrity life. Also the pink color is too cute.

Refrigerator Helps Diabetic Enjoy Traveling

This little refrigerator is ideal for anyone that is diabetic. My husband keeps his insulin in it. We keep the refrigerator in our bedroom at home but when we travel we can keep the insulin cooled by using the adapter and having it plugged into the car.

El color es muy lindo y funciona muy bien

Lo acabo de recibir ayer , pongo un termo de 2 litros a lado ( aunque se que puede variar por el ancho ) pero para que tengan una idea del tamaño , pensé que iba a ser más grande , pero aún así me encanto , si enfría bien y esta muy bonitoComo siempre llego a tiempo y el servicio fue muy bueno