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Cerberus is onze bekroonde premium kwaliteit katapult. Of je nu op doelen schiet, jaagt of geweldige video's maakt, onze katapulten zijn gegarandeerd ultraduurzaam en overtreffen je stoutste verwachtingen.

Comfortabel ontwerp

Onze antisliphandgrepen zijn gebouwd om zowel draagbaar als duurzaam te zijn. We hebben een ergonomische ronding gecombineerd met gestippelde zijkanten om ervoor te zorgen dat je altijd de controle hebt

Ongelooflijke nauwkeurigheid

Dankzij de ingebouwde glasvezelvizieren kunt u vanaf elke afstand nauwkeurig fotograferen. Draai de katapult eenvoudig opzij en richt met een rode of groene glasvezelstip. Gebruik voor snellere opnamen eenvoudig het laservizier dat aan het handvat is bevestigd.


Pakket bestaat uit:


1 X Cerberus

1 X Cerberus-terugslagband 

 Laserbatterijen niet inbegrepen (3 LR41-batterijen nodig) 


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
A quality catapult!!! Hands down!

This is a fantastic catapult for the money! If your thinking this is like the "WristRocket" you had as a kid, you would be wrong!! Do your research on catapult slingshots on U-TUBE. you will find much info there from the boys over the pound in the U K! Once you get your band length correct for your pull and learn how to sight it, this catapult is deadly accurate and a blast to shoot! I have seen a bunch of bad and uninformed reviews here from some who don't understand how to use it properly! This catapult should last you a life time, aside from band replacement from time to time. A fantastic deal!!

This is a legitimate hunting slingshot

This is a chinese style slingshot. If you know how to use it properly then it is as accurate as the best. People use this style frame to compete in the world championship. The build quality is superb. Stainless steel and beautiful wood scales. The bands you get are aggressively tapered and certainly adequate to shoot 3/8" bearings and hunt small game. I bet I could even get a turkey with it next season.When the bands run out I'll make my own but at 1.5x the length with theraband gold. I prefer to shoot these in full butterfly. You can get your ammo moving so fast that it hums through the air like a bumblebee from hell.

Superb quality slingshot and bands for the price

The slingshot is well crafted with high quality materials and fits well in the hand. Set up was easy and intuitive.I was worried when other reviews said it was too small but after receiving it I can say it's a good size. I can see how they would think this if they are only grabbing the handle... But this style of slingshot you're supposed to use your thumb and forefinger to grab the steel frame. Using proper form it is the perfect size.The quality of the bands are fantastic, they are all cut to correct length, quick and snappy release. The pouches are a bit small and suit 1/4" ammo. But this works for me as that's what I primarily use anyway.Overall I'd give both the slingshot and the bands a 10/10 for such a low price.

Arrived promptly to Mexico

Well made and works fine. The only thing that I would ask is that instructions be included as to how to use the included sites and optic fibers when aiming. So far I have not been able to get an answer to this basic question which I would have thought would be something included with the purchase!?!

Well made and a perfect size!

Just what I expected/wanted. Perfect size. Fits in your hand like a slingshot should. Easy to carry in your back pocket. Well made of stainless steel. Should have bought this long ago! Thank you for a great product.