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CurvedLED™ 3D-gamesoundbar

CurvedLED™ 3D-gamesoundbar
$139 USD $289 USD

Geef je game-ervaring een boost met Curve™ 3D Game Soundbar 


CurvedLED™ verhoogt uw gamestatus met een kristalheldere geluidskwaliteit die uw verbeeldingskracht ontrafelt en u volledig in de game of film fascineert voor een onvergelijkbare ervaring die u nooit zult vergeten!

Ingebouwde geluidsgeïnduceerde ritmelichten die synchroniseren met gamegeluid of unieke filmgeluidseffecten en een realistisch verheven tot de goddelijke statusmuziekervaring ervaren.



Realistische geluidskwaliteit: Luidsprekers met volledige frequentie produceren HIFI-geluidskwaliteit, de beste in hun klasse. Geniet van high, medium en low gaming surround sound-effecten die je verbeelding te boven gaan!

Smartphone-compatibel: Het Koppel uw telefoon, laptop en andere gadgets moeiteloos met Bluetooth5.0-technologie om ononderbroken te genieten van het afspelen van geluid! Ondersteunt meerdere invoermodi: AUX, TF-kaart, U-schijf en USB-geluidskaartverbinding, FM, zelfs een microfoon!

Bekroond ontwerp: Exquise vakmanschap met een gebogen HD spiegelscherm en een Frosted Shell digitaal display.

Spectrum LED-verlichting: geluidsgeïnduceerde ritmelaserlichten die synchroniseren met muziek, filmaudio en gaming-geluidseffecten. Ervaar een realistische gameplay-ervaring!

Lange batterijduur: 3600mAh lithiumbatterij met grote capaciteit geeft hem zijn draagbare vermogen en gaat tot 6 uur mee op een enkele lading!



Batterijcapaciteit: 3600mAh
Bluetooth-versie: 5.0
Maat: 495*88*57mm
Klok- en alarmweergave
Audio-ingang: NAAR DE, USB, TF-kaart, Bluetooth, FM radio, pc-modus, Spelmodus, microfoon

Pakket bestaat uit:

1 x luidspreker
1 x oplaadkabel
1 x 3,5 mm audio-aansluiting

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Jasmine H.
Exactly what I was hoping for at the price I paid. (No speaker hum!)

On my primary monitor the sound was an after-thought so I needed an external speaker. Due to the configuration of the desk and monitors I'm using, I really needed a sound bar to go directly under the monitor instead of speakers on either side. The more important reason I needed the sound bar was because my monitor had terrible built in speakers and when I'm recording voice-over for videos it made my voice sound horrible. I listened to the same audio track with headphones and it was perfect so I knew it was just the terrible quality of the monitor's speakers. This sound bar has a great reproduction of the way my voice sounds on the actual audio track. It's nice to just be able to play through it and not have to find headphones or route the audio through to the big reference speakers. The volume button has a nice feel to it and also acts as an on/off switch. The LED's change colors slowly (not distractingly fast or anything like that). You can always just shut off the LED with a push button on the back of the sound bar. It plays music clearly up past the point where it's too loud (my opinion) to be sitting at a normal distance from the screen. Just make sure if you are running it from your computer that you turn the computer's sound output (lower right hand corner of the screen on Win10) up to 100% and then control the master volume from the sound bar dial. Finally, I hear NO ELECTRICAL HUM from the speaker. For reference, I have the audio line from the sound bar plugged into the audio out port on my monitor and the USB plugged into my external continuous battery backup that I run all my computer electrics through. I am initially very happy with my purchase. Will update this review if I have any issues down the road.

Jess S.
Perfect Little USB Powered Desk Speaker

This is the perfect little USB powered speaker that I've been looking for. I wanted something that was relatively small for my desk, lights up, had decent sound quality and was cheap in price. I love the design of it, it's simple and slim, very straight forward to use as well. There's one wire that splits into a USB and headphone jack that you can easily plug into your laptop. I love the fact that there's NO extra battery cord that needs to be plugged into an outlet. The speaker is entirely powered through your laptop or computer. There's also a knob on the right side of the speaker to turn on the power and adjust the volume. Then there's a push button on the back to turn the lights on and off. So you can leave your speaker on and plugged in and keep the lights off, if you prefer. The lights are on one setting only, so they just slowly change colors. You can't actually stop the lights on one color, but I didn't mind that at allI tested the sound on a movie through iTunes and music on Youtube so far. It's actually pretty decent for the price, it's definitely not Bose quality or anything, but this speaker is $30 vs. $300. I'm definitely happy with the overall quality of this speaker for what I paid!

Fine little soundbar for a PC

When my speaker arrived, I had these impressions: - easy setup, plugged into my PC's speaker jack and the adjacent USB, and clicked it on - the lights on the ends glow, and each end cycles on its own through the color ranges. You can't stop on a favorite color, but I find it soothing to look down and see the colors- The cloth speaker grill is a high-quality touch.The speaker is sixteen inches in length and provides fair stereo separation. It can put out a more-than-adequate volume, and the sound is quite clear, with no buzzing or a tinny sound. That being said, it doesn't have much bass at all, but I knew to expect that, and am pleased with the physical separation between the right and left speakers. The YouTube "Left and Right Stereo Sound Test" I ran showed that with this wide speaker, you can get good stereo separation.It does take up a little space on my desk, but I think it's a worthwhile use of the area, and I have enjoyed using this speaker.

Best quality for the money

This is the best pc sound bar for the money I picked it up for about 17 dollars compared to a earlier one I bought but returned which was the taotronics unit that one was horrible sound quality and had a constant crackle hum/white noise sound. But this Soul lion unit has great quality sound the volume dial is smooth and gets to a very loud volume. the design is superb compared to the other cheap pc sound bars. Can’t even complain about the awesome rgb included as well provides great aesthetics to the unit.

Great Sounding speaker for work

I bought this soundbar after reading other reviews. I was replacing a speaker that went bad, and wanted something small and slim that could fit behind and under my monitors. It's a bit loud where I am, and needed something with a little more volume.. and I must say, this are amazing. I like the colors on the ends of the speaker, which gives it a little something more than a traditional speaker.If you're looking for a good sounding, slim speaker I would suggest this for sure.. you won't be disappointed in the quality or sound it produces.