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LiteDraw Tech™ - Het perfecte LED-schetsblok

LiteDraw Tech™ - Het perfecte LED-schetsblok
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Het perfecte hulpmiddel voor creatieve geesten om hun tekenvaardigheden te verbeteren!

Heb je afbeeldingen die je op een stuk papier zou willen zien? LiteDraw Tech™ is de perfecte tekentool voor jou! Of je nu een beginner bent of gewoon een professional, dit is het perfecte apparaat voor jou. Het beschikt over een helder LED-verlichtingskussen waarmee u uw afgedrukte afbeeldingen erop kunt leggen en ze op uw tekenpapier kunt overtrekken. Doe de lichten in je kamer uit om het licht van de pad door het papier te laten gaan en begin weg te tekenen! 

"Het perfecte hulpmiddel voor beginnende kunstenaars om hun vak aan te scherpen!"

  • Multifunctioneel- Naast tekenen is Tracer-X ook geweldig voor het maken van aantekeningen en het oplossen van wiskundige vergelijkingen.
  • Comfortabele verlichting- De LED-verlichting is zacht en beschermt zelfs je ogen tijdens het tekenen.
  • Ultralicht gewicht- Dit is een super draagbare, gemakkelijk te dragen LED-tracing pad die slechts 3 mm dun is!
  • Lichtniveaus- Kies uit 3 verschillende lichtniveaus om het contrast van het beeld aan te passen.
  • Cadeau idee- Een handig cadeau om te geven aan iemand die je kent die mee wil tekenen!



  • Materiaal: BUIKSPIEREN
  • Maat: 24*15 cm
  • Pakket Erbij betrekken: 1 stuk tekenspeelgoed (deze is A5-formaat)

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Excellent Product

I bought this light pad for my mother to diamond paint. It is very thin, light weight and very easy to use. I love the extended plug lead from the pad itself. I have seen others where the plug fits directly into the pad but this one has about a 3 inch "lead" from the pad to the point where the power cord fits in. It makes moving the pad around easier and you dont have to worry about the plug coming out or damaging the port

Patty H.
Absolutely Worth the Buy

I don’t usually leave reviews because nothing tends to wow me but I bought this lightbox because I suddenly wanted to learn to draw and I wanted something affordable but that would really work. I am THRILLED with this product. I am by no means an art expert or even an artist but this is so easy to use. You can plug it into the wall or your computer there are three easy to use levels of brightness and it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to get around. It does in some ways look a bit cheap but sometimes simplicity is best!! I’d definitely recommend buying this and I would buy again.

Great for tracing onto fabric

I absolutely adore this!!! I got it to trace images onto fabric in order to do needle painting, a style of embroidery. To do most "painting" you need a traced image on your fabric that outlines the various sections of colors, sort of like a paint-by-number. This is very difficult to do without a light table but I didn't want to spend much. Turns out this is exactly what I need! My images are viewable with the light on the highest setting but even on the medium setting I can easily see thru the medium-weight fabric. Altho the paper holder they include is way too tight to be of any use even to hold even paper, I love the fact that a USB adapter is included so I'm not stuck plugging it into my laptop. I have an extension power cord I can plug it into which makes it more portable for my use. I am thrilled with my purchase!!

Very easy to use

This is a simple lightbox that plugs right into a USB port. It comes with a wall adapter and USB cable, but could also be plugged into a computer. I like the light settings (3 - low, medium, high) for different projects. The mesh filter helps with the glare and strain on the eyes. It's extremely thin and also very light weight.

Super lightweight and durable.

I was surprised when this came in the original packaging instead of an Modus box and I was worried it would have been damaged during delivery, but everything was fine! After opening the package, my cats knocked it off the table twice and nothing happened to it so it's durable. It's bright enough and the protective layer inside doesn't make the light blinding. I used a thicker piece of drawing paper to trace on and it worked enough for me to get a good grade on my assignment. No complaints here!