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Mommi PumperPro™

Mommi PumperPro™
$156 USD


1. Was uw handen voordat u de melkpomp gebruikt om moedermelk te melken of te behandelen.2. De borstkolf is heet met een warme handdoek voor het melken. Massage stimuleert de tepelhof om de borst volledig duidelijk te maken.3. Melken op eigen druk. Borsten of tepels moeten stoppen met melken als ze pijn voelen.4. Knijp er gewoon het aantal van acht punten uit voor het melken (niet meer dan 20 minuten)5. Gebruik een container met deksel bij het bewaren van moedermelk6. Verwijder moedermelk die meer dan 72 uur (3 dagen) in de koelkast heeft gestaan7. Doe geen gekoelde moedermelk en verse moedermelk bij elkaar.8. Ontdooi de gekoelde moedermelk of koppel de houder aan de warme melk voor warme voeding.9. Nadat de ontdooide moedermelk is ontdooid en de baby na 24 uur niet kan drinken, mag u de gekoelde moedermelk niet herhalen. Gooi de rest weg en desinfecteer de container.


Capaciteit: 180 ml Nominale stroom: 1000 mA Voeding: 220 V Frequentie: 50 HZ Materiaal: PP + siliconen Grootte: app.15.1x8cm/5.94x3.15inKleur: GrijsVoeding: Opladen via USB Hoeveelheid: 1 pcMet doos

Customer Reviews

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Allyson J.

Alright I'ma get on my soap box. I have multiple pumps 100% they do not work if you do not have the right flange all of them are sold at 24mm idk why guess it's an average. But if you are not a 24mm and need say a different not average maker size reach out to the manufacture at the very least they will give you a coupon. But pls start putting reviews up for companies to allow for a customization factor with the base flange size to be optional with purchase. Cuz I'm now going to have 2 24mm flanges for 2 different pumps that are just wasted. Shaming a new mom for having big nips heck. Stop taking advantage of women and mothers corporate! Make tampons free too! #RantOver

Alexia A.
Amazing Pumps

I was a little skeptical in buying these because of the mixed reviews. But I didn't want to spend $300+ for the Elvies. These where the next best thing and I really needed a pump, because nursing was just to much for me after my c-section and my daughter wasn't able to latch properly, but I still wanted to feed her breastmilk. I bought these after reading a ton of reviews and watching reviews on TikTok, still skeptical. I absolutely love these though. I produce about 35oz a day, pump 4-5 times a day, and they're able to hold my all my milk from each pump. They fit right into my nursing bra, I'm still able to do things like laundry, dishes, feed and change my daughter. Super easy to clean and use. I charge mine overnight and that charge usually lasts all day. I definitely recommend these pumps.


I put these in my cart and removed so many times because I didn’t think these could possibly work for the price point. I have to say I am Incredibly impressed!! I normally get between 3-4oz on each side for a total of 6-8oz per pumping session with my spectra s2. My first time using Momcozy, I got about 7 oz (I put in my spectra bottles so you can see how much!). I love not being tied to the wall and being able to get things done while pumping- a must for a busy new mom! Major fan! I hope they last :)

This will be your best friend!

I take these everywhere! So easy to use, clean and put together! I’ve never so strongly recommended something in my life. These are the best thing for a nursing mom in the go! Treat yourself and BUY THESE PUMPS!!!💕💕💕💕

Stephanie P.
Just buy it! You won’t regret it!

This pump is so worth the money! I almost bought the Madela Freestyle for $260 and I’m so happy I bought this pump instead and saved myself $200. The reviews say the pump hurts, yes it does and I bought it for that reason! I tried the $600 Willow pump and the suction was very weak among other issues with it. It’s hard to find a portable pump that can hold a strong suction. The reviews says this pump can be painful. So I realized the rubber cups that come with it keep an air tight flow, so I switched to my old Madela In Style cups and hoses and the suction is still strong but not painful. I usually loosen the parts or bottle slightly so it’s not air tight or the suction will be very strong. The battery on this pump last a long time or at least for me it does. I just charge it at night while I sleep. I love how it has a timer so I can record how long I pump. This thing has like 9 levels! I only stay on 1 cause it’s so strong. I have cleaned the house and even changed my baby’s diaper with this pump on. I love it so much.