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Pexel™-statief (met afstandsbediening)

Pexel™-statief (met afstandsbediening)
$29 USD

Het leven is te kort om saaie foto's te maken. Maak blijvende mooie herinneringen met het Pexel™-statief. Deze kit houdt je telefoon stevig in elke positie, zodat je geweldige foto's kunt maken of geweldige video's draadloos kunt opnemen!

  • Bluetooth-afstandsbediening: Perfect voor het maken van selfies of groepsfoto's (inclusief de fotograaf) vanaf een afstand van maximaal 10 meter


  • Flexibel statief: Draai de poten van het statief in elke gewenste positie om het overal te plaatsen. Wikkel het op een paal of tak, hang het aan een hek, plaats het op een oneffen oppervlak, enz.


  • Universele pasvorm: De telefoonhouder wordt aangesloten in landschap of portret modus voor elke telefoon of camera



Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Very awesome

Very awesome little tool to use when you want to talk to someone or if your washing dishes and would like to watch a video on your phone. I love how you can move practically every part of the little tripod to get it to your desired area to see. You can also wrap it on chairs or anything the tiny tripod can wrap around!!! The only downside I would say it�s not very durable, it feels very cheap so I feel it may break at any given moment, otherwise very awesome little tool and good stocking stuffer!!!

Cute phone pod

This works good for the purpose. It�s perfect for Someone just Starting out and also for a younger person. I Like it though. Easy to pack for on the go.

Great price for a small useful product.

My son likes this to use the animation app on his phone using this tripod, it can hold the phone not just on the floor but twist the legs to hold the tripod at different angles. He even used it to attach it to the headrest of the car to watch a show on his phone.

Value priced, meets or exceeds description, works as advertized and is a value.

I purchase several things on Modus, and was giving pretty in-depth reviews. From this point on, here's the new agenda�. if it works as advertised, is well made, meets or exceeds the description, is a value, and arrives in a fair amount of time, it will get a "star rating" equal to what my expectations were/are. If it doesn't meet these criteria, then I will most definitely and descriptively tell the short comings of the products and you as a consumer will not have to go through the trouble of buying the product without some background knowledge. If the sell pulls that item and relists under another description I will put the exact same review on the seller's feedback page. Seller's have done this a couple of times in the past, and I was true to my word then as well as now. DR

I like that it is adjustable.

I received this product this morning. I like that it is adjustable.It does what its meant to do at a really good price.