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Capucao MiniPresso™ - A Compact Portable Expresso Machine!

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Capucao MiniPresso™ - A Compact Portable Expresso Machine!
$50 USD

Needing that coffee fix all of a sudden?

Capucao MiniPresso™ is the NEW cutting-edge, ultra-compact, manual espresso machine that lets you enjoy freshly brewed coffee anywhere you go!

Enjoy a tasty, hot, and fresh brew at any time, any place!


Running late for work and don't have time to brew your coffee at home?

Or maybe you're out traveling and a regular coffee drink is a MUST?

Are you in a small apartment where a compact espresso machine is the best choice to help you save on precious counter space?

Wherever you go and whatever the occasion...


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Capucao MiniPresso™Is the PERFECT manual coffee machine for the avid coffee drinker!

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to make quick shots of rich and creamy espresso...

This state-of-the-art, portable espresso machine does an amazing job doing that!


A literal game-changerwith its good, strong, and crema-rich expresso shots served fresh and hot anytime you like!

Effortless brewingthanks to its super simple yet innovative brewing design. A quick pump is all you need to make freshly brewed, delicious ground coffee!

Bring it anywhere you go without taking too much space!Its factor and size are its best features when compared to other manual brewing devices.

Easy enough to use,cutting down all the usual steps it takes for you to brew coffee to just a quick pour and a few pumps!

Supercharge your morningswith freshly brewed coffee that's IMPOSSIBLE to skip on with how convenient it is!


Capucao MiniPresso™is designed for the ultimate coffee drinking experience that you can enjoy anytime you crave a good cup of coffee!



  • Hand-Operated- You won't be needing to charge the device or add in a couple of batteries. It's all manual operation!
  • Easy-To-Use - All it takes to brew your coffee is to add the ground coffee into the filter, pour hot water into the water tank and give it a few pumps!
  • Compact Design- The expresso machine's best feature is its ultra-compact size! Small enough to fit in any bag!
  • Featherlike Weight- The whole device weighs only 0.8 pounds!
  • Quality Brew- The brew doesn't require compressed air, n20 cartridges, or electricity. Its fully hand-operated feature prepares the richest and purest brewed coffee!
  • Easy-To-Clean- Designed to be super easy to clean and store away!
  • Quiet Brewing- Unlike most espresso machines out there, you get to brew coffee without all the buzzing noise! Perfect when you need to sneak in a good brew in a middle of a meeting.



Dimension:175x70x60 mm (6.89x2.75x2.36 in)

Weight:360 g (0.8 lb)

Water Capacity:70 ml (2.35 fl oz)

Ground Capacity:8 g (0.28 oz)

Average Pressure:8 bar (116 psi)

Package Include:Built-in espresso cup and scoop

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