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Cozy SmartCup - Quick & Easy Warmer Mug

Pink with Rabbit
Cozy SmartCup - Quick & Easy Warmer Mug
$55 USD

Keep your coffee hot while you're busy working!

If you're reading this you probably experience sipping your coffee or tea at a cold temperature and forget about it while working or...

your coffee is cold and affects the taste...

your coffee or tea is too hot to drink...


"No more cold coffee morning"

You can now enjoy your drink quick and warm, Our Cozy SmartCup is a smart heating coaster that lets your drink keep warm and savor the taste. It offers a fast heating drink that lets you enjoy every last sip!


"Warms your drinks in 20 seconds making it easy to keep your beverages at the right temperature for you to enjoy."


  • Quick Heating Mechanism- It has the ability to warm any drink in 20 seconds making it easy to keep your beverages at the right temperature for you to enjoy. 
  • Health benefits - It is medically proven that drinking warm beverages is beneficial for your health. Being able to have a warm drink whenever you want is a great way to improve your lifestyle and be more healthy!
  • Ideal for any Beverage - It is ideal for Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa & any other Beverage that needs to be warmed in your household, office, or also outdoor activities.
  • 3 Heating Levels - Switch between 3 heating levels for your own taste and warmth with a press of a button!
  • Portable - Easy to carry and suits for traveling & minimalistic design
  • Automated Safety - The device automatically shuts down after 8 straights hours of use.



Rated Power: 20W

Rated Voltage: 220V

Product Size: 124X124 X26mm

Product Net Weight: 280g



1 x Cup Warmer Pro

1 x USB Cable

1 x Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Best coffee cup warmer I've had!

This is a great warmer! I like my coffee hot, and most warmers don't do the job to my liking. This one offers a pretty warm setting and a Hot setting, perfect for me. It also is larger than most, so I can use pretty much any cup I want, my old one had to have a small base, which didn't lend to a large capacity cup. It will stay on for 8 hrs, so I don't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.This is a great warmer, I will be buying a couple more to give as gifts. I highly recommend it!...and it's pretty, too!

Jess S.
All day warm!

It works pretty well for my huuuuuge mug, this mug does not have flat bottom and it is not glass as recommend, but it keeps warm all day! (Remember this thing is to keep water warm, so the water needs to be warm originally, don't use this as a water heater.) (Update: after a few days of using, I found out you could actually use this thing as a heater! As long as you use recommend mug. The one in my picture was too thick and huge to heat up...I tried a glass one, cold water could actually get heated!)

Jasmine H.
Yes, It Works! Coffee Stays Hot

The warmer has nice modern design and works well. It looks good on a desk. Easy to clean with a moist cloth.You must use coffee cup or tea glass with a flat bottom (no bottom with a raised rim). If it's flat, it has full contact to the warmer.An idea for a future version: USB plug. That's much more common now on a desk than an electric outlet.

Bought this to keep my coffee press warm.

Sleek and minimal. Doesn't look like counter/desk clutter. This is one I would actually use this at my desk in winter. Be careful not to touch the warmer in the center because the hot setting is definitely hot! This was an unnecessary purchase that I'm glad I made.

Instructions left out!!! But good overall :)

The instructions leave out a VERY important part: Hold the button for 10 seconds and it will stop flashing and go solid. Then it is on. :)I love mine. It works great for all of my different mugs, the extra disk to help with the heat distribution is perfect. I also use it to heat up scented waxes in a little jar and left over wax in the bottom of candles!