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EDC Utility 20 in 1 Pocket Multi Tool Carabiner

EDC Utility 20 in 1 Pocket Multi Tool Carabiner
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Never get stuck again. Be prepared and carry all the tools you'll need to tackle everyday obstacles in the convenience of this perfect 20 in 1 carabiner multi-tool. 

This has got to be the ultimate EDC (Every Day Carry) multitool gadget to keep with you at all times!  This really has it all.. From stripping wires, to opening bottles and boxes with ease for screwing in screws or even prying nails out of wood!

• Rotating wheel design, just gently turn the golden wheel in the middle to easily switch between tools.

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Material: Gold titanium coated disc, black stainless steel body, K5 carbon steel blade

Size: 8.3 cm X 2.5 cm X 0.9 cm 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Worth the buy if you want a convenient little gadget sometimes

Exactly what I expected.I haven't tested all the gizmos on it but so far so good.Leather pouch didn't seem to fancy, looks fragile but does the trick.File is nice, the large flat edge of the pry bar works as a big flathead screwdriver. Rotating piece is greased up and works alright (though I thought it might rub off the paint over time). Clip is sturdy. Box cutter works great, just think of it like a saw not a knife (it will cut through in one go if you keep it pressed parallel to the box). The prybar can cut a little too. Haven't used Philips head or any wrenches or the wire cutter but they seem fine. Ruler is accurate when compared to a few of my measuring tapes.It is small, but I wanted the size. Perfect for my keychain!So not sure why people are hating on it, I guess don't use it as the tool for the job but as the stand-in for the job. It's likely not intended for heavy use though I'd say it's probably good for it.

A Brilliant Birthday Present

I actually bought this for my friend's birthday Birthday and he he loves it . It is so useful , that it has taken pride of place in his camper van. It does everything it is supposed to do . Even the bottle opener .

Offers a lot for a little pocket tool.

Compact yet packed with features. Good choice for all sorts of little jobs that spring up day to day. Delivery was excellent. Packaging a work of art. True Utility has an interesting range of products and this item is well worth considering.

Very helpful


Buy it.

Exactly what you would expect. Great quality.