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Smart Body Builder Pro™ - Glute Flex

Smart Body Builder Pro™ - Glute Flex
$69 USD

You've worked hard on your body all year around but sometimes, life happens and things cut into your workout time. It's time for a device to work hard for you. The Glute Flex utilizes the Award Winning Smart Body Building Pro technology to give you the hips and glutes you've always dreamed of! Just strap it on and let the Smart Body Builder Pro™ - Glute Flex finally do the work for you. You deserve it!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Customer service was amazing

I had some operator issues in the beginning, I did not quite understand how to use it, but after a couple of emails back and forth with customer service (they were very helpful & responsive) I now understand what to do. I can definitely feel & see my muscles contracting/moving. I plan to update in a few weeks to see if I notice a difference in muscle tone.

Jasmine H.
Definitely worth the buy

I love using this after my workouts since it�s like a personal massage and if I happen to skip a workout day, I can use this to keep up with my muscle growth. I�d take a pic of the product since it�s exactly like the picture but I accidentally left it in my other bag at my dad�s house! :(

Jess S.
Love it

I just started using this but i feel sore when i am done so i hope it works


Just received my order today. Order arrived faster then expected!!! Doesn�t hurt at all just feel weird. Not as sticky or hold as well as I thought but does stay on, just don�t wanna move to much.

Deep into muscle

Product is a little smaller then expected. It is easy to use and assemble. I don’t think a week worth using is long enough for me to see results yet. I can say the intensity is strong and you can definitely feel it going into the muscle. As a muscle relaxer it’s great 😊