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Heavy Duty™ - 50L/30L Outdoor Backpack

Heavy Duty™ - 50L/30L Outdoor Backpack
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"The Backpack Of The Year"

This backpack will give you the diversity to gear up and keep everything incredibly organized.  The Heavy Duty™ will keep you equipped for the day even for your random multi-day trips as well as camping or even jump pack activities, you will never feel so ready to make your way through the urban jungle. The perfect backpack for the person on the go.




An Ultimate Outdoor Backpack is made of heavy-duty high-density Oxford waterproof fabric designed to sustain daily active activities. Featuring shock absorption and ventilation system finished elastic badges and side buckles. The backpack gives way to open flat to 180 degrees for easy packing/unpacking.


This tactical assault backpack can be used as a 3-day assault backpack, combat backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, military army backpack rucksack, or trekking backpack.


Heavy Duty™ Ultimate backpack is made of high-density water-resistant Oxford fabric. The assaults pack has double-stitched, long-lasting strong buckles, Heavy duty zippers, and utility-style cord pulls, a Side and front load compression system and The molle tactical backpack has fully MOLLE compatible.


Our backpack was designed with an ergonomic design in mind featuring a comfortable padding back area with ventilated mesh padding shoulder straps multiple straps, and multiple compartments to help you relax your shoulder and protect your posture by distributing the weight. 



  • Material: Durable high-density 
  • Features: Upgraded more durable zippers, Waterproof and tearproof high-density material, velcro area for switchable flag patches, MOLLE system for attaching various tools and accessories, breathable comfortable back; 
  • Large Capacity: 30L/50L 12 gallons
  • Size: 50cm*30cm*30cm / 19.7*11.8*11.8 inches 
  • Weight: About 1.35kg

Package Included:

1 X Outdoor backpack


Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Best to date.

I love this bag. I looked far and wide for one. This is my third off Modus, as you’ll from my reviews the other two turned out to be a huge disappointment and I returned both. As a medic this bag suits me almost perfectly. As you’ll see from my pics I have quite a few extra Molle attachments and the bag has Molle straps in the perfect places to build it up.Don’t mistake me, this is by far and wide the best bag I’ve found for tactical situations however there room for growth and here they are. (Even with the possible improvements it get the job done for me)My chest strap came off the 3rd day it isn’t very sturdy, the waist straps are not padded, the zippers are not YKK or a comparable brand and don’t feel like they will last as long and lastly I bought a backpack rain cover because this isn’t waterproof.

Jasmine H.
Surprisingly large and durable

I ordered this backpack to replace a quality Swiss Backpack that I used as a multipurpose travel bag (every week air travel). I had this for 10 years until the strap stitching started separating. It holds clothes, toiletries, tools, electronics, and more. Stuffed and heavy.When this arrived it looked cheep and light weight. The old expression don’t judge a book by its cover applies here. Somehow miraculously this meek packaged bag grew and accommodated more than I ever have before. The filled structure somehow grew in stature and strength. When I received it I really didn’t want to use it, I thought no way this could ever replace my quality bag I had beaten up for 10 years. After giving it a go I can’t believe how much I love this bag. I convinced 4 of my colleagues to pick one up and explained as I’ve done here, not to judge to quickly. Every one of them thanked me and agrees this bag is perfect for what we need. I pack an entire week of clothing, tools and electronics with room to spare. This is not a giant bag by any means. It just somehow grows whenever you need it to. If your packing super light for a day trip it’s small and light. I highly recommend.

Jess S.
Strong bag

I wanted to test this bags strength since the last bag I had lasted less than a year. I use it as a range bag. When I go with my friends to shoot we shoot. Meaning we easily do 600-1,000 rounds each depending on how much time we have to spend at the range. I put 3 full size handguns, eye and ear protection and anywhere from 600-1,000 rounds of different calibers (9,40,45) and this bag has help up each time. I've been shooting regularly (at least 2x a month) for the past 26 years and this is the strongest range bag I've owned. Theres also plenty of room to spare after I fill it with what I need.

Great Bargain Option

This pack has been great so far. I've used it daily for hauling my gym clothes and computer and I've taken it on a few over-nighters. There is plenty of space and enough compartments to keep things organized. I added a molle water bottle holder and it works great too. The zippers seem heavy duty and I've had no issues with them so far. The only drawback I've seen is the clips are not all securely attached. I've taped all my straps now so I don't have to worry about them falling off but I did have a few drop off before the taping. I've compared it to my bother's 5.11 pack and there are some noticeable differences in quality, e.g. padding in back and shoulder straps isn't as thick, straps don't all have retention bands. Considering the cost is less than 1/3 I feel good about the trade-offs. If you want the very best you'll have to spend more but at this price point it's an excellent option.

Spacious, Rugged, Looks Good at a Great Price

I love this packpack. I use it for my weekly gun range trip. It holds my tools, ammo, handguns, hearing protection muffs, safety glasses and towel. The best part is that I carry everything I need at the range on my back and I still have two free hands for my rifle or rolled targets. The pockets are spacious and sturdy. It even has a large pouch on the outside back side of the backpack to accommodate a bullet resistant shield. I would recommend the backpack to a friend.