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Heyo Timer - Get Your Productivity Dialed In!

Heyo Timer - Get Your Productivity Dialed In!
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A clever way to be productive and get things done on time!

In a world full of distractions, it's easy to lost track of time and easily gets yourself distracted with your priorities and task for the day. 

We created the most clever device you will ever need to be productive and focus your energy on a more productive task or project that matters to you.

This is more than just a timer, it will help you to accomplish anything you set yourself into!

You won't have to check your phone for time and risk surfing through social media any longer...

Heyo Timeris a compact and lightweight digital timer that you can bring with you anywhere you go.

But besides being a great tool to dial in on your productivity...

The device also has a built-in magnetic base. A useful feature when you're busy cooking in the kitchen or just plain doing your exercise.


"Get laser-focused on work with some deadly-accurate Pomodoro!"

  • Magnetic Base - Strongly attaches to any metal surface! Great when you want a clear space to watch the time.
  • Set Rotation - Avoid accidentally stopping the timer! This device sets its time only by rotating the edges of the circle.
  • Clear Display - The LED display shows numbers in a large font. Helping you tell the time even when you're far away.
  • Long Battery Life - Features a strong built-in lithium battery that lasts for 1000+ hours of use!
  • High-Quality Material - Made of high-grade ABS plastic for a durable and sturdy frame.


Material: ABS

Color: Black

Voltage: 4.5V(3*AAA batteries Model number Without battery)

Working Temperature: 0°C-50°C

Timing Range: 0-99 minutes, 0-55 seconds

Volume Gears: mute 0db/small volume gear 60-70db/large volume gear 80-90db

Size: 78*78*27.5mm

Weight: 90g(Without battery)

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Jasmine H.
Does what it claims

Was looking for a way to display count up and count down time for working out without getting 60-300 dollar huge clock system for my basement. This is simple to use goes from 0-99 min and if you slow turn goes up in 5 sec increments. It was what I was looking for and works great, easy to see from across my basement if my workout gets spaced out. No complaints, the magnet is powerful has not moved even when doing workouts on the rack stayed firmly in place with no shifting. Remove the film on the back to improve magnetic properties. at first the magnet was weaker than anticipated, then read the direction in the box during a cool down and it mentions to remove a clear film on back to improve the magnet.

Fantastic timer: Easy to use and to see

There are several unique things I love about this kitchen timer:- You can easily see the time remaining from across the room... the size of the display and white LED digits are easy to see in almost any light. I have an Echo and use Alexa for multiple timing cycles, but you must continually ask for time remaining on timers rather than being able to glance at a countdown of time remaining.- Easy to use: Simply rotate the dial on the housing of the timer to adjust the time, then press the button to start the countdown. The button also pauses the countdown and clears the set time. After the cycle has ended, when you turn it on next it retains the time set during the last cycle.- Easy to hear: With three volume levels, you can adjust the sound level to suit your environment.- Convenient: It's magnetic, and the timer easily and sturdily attaches to a metal surface with no risk of falling off.- Easy to clean: Wiping the timer down is easy, and there are no crevices to worry about.I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I have a variety of timers that I've used over the years. Most of the timers I've used require time and effort to set, using a variety of buttons for the task. Typically, the displays are small and you must be next to the timer to see how much time is left. You also have to find a place to put them... they either clutter the counter, get stuck in a drawer, or some are magnetic... but most of the magnetic ones I've used are generally not magnetic enough, making it difficult to set the time without the unit moving about or falling.I know that a kitchen timer isn't something that people often rave about, but this particular unit and design is almost perfect based upon my experience and I know that it's become my go-to timer for everything. I'm actually tempted to order another for multiple simultaneous timing cycles!

Easy use timer and convenient to read outs

I wanted a timer for me when I am grilling or just air fry items, I needed that perfect exact countdown timer and this one fits the bill. The entire timer is made from plastic, I will say it is fairly durable but I won’t want to drop it. The package is nice and comes with a battery so I can use it right out of the box. The instruction for using the timer is very straight forward, just turn the dial and it increases from seconds to minutes, just press the lower portion of the timer. The LED read out is bright and clear, the contrast of black background is awesome. The slick style of the timer matches very well with my stainless steel fridge. The back magnets stick tightly to the fridge itself, make it easy to set the timer and let the food cook.

Jess S.
Great-Looking, Easy to Use, and a Well-Thought Design

This little guy has been making my daily kitchen life easier and happier since the first day it arrived. Totally satisfied with it.Pros:- Looks elegant and modern, very eye-catching- Super easy to operate- Just the right magnetic level makes it stick well but also effortless to remove, allowing you to move it around easily- Large and properly contrast screen makes reading easy, in both bright and dark environments- Silent when counting--no annoying ticking sound- Great level of adjustable volumes--the low one is soft enough to avoid "scaring" you at a quiet night, and the high one is loud enough to hear from distance with TV or robot vacuum onCons:- Just bought it so only time would prove its longevity and accidents (drops, water, etc.) could speak for its durabilityThe general impression is that the designers\engineers making it seems to have seriously considered various user habits and circumstances. The product serves different needs and has avoided several design flaws or pitfalls that are present on similar products, thus bringing a very smooth and pleasant user experience under various conditions. Gave myself a pat on the back for being brave enough to get this rarely reviewed buddy!

Elegant and simple

Intuitive to use, looks great, and customer support is amazing - they care about customers.You can place this anywhere INCLUDING metal surfaces like whiteboards, metal desks, and fridges.Wishing you best of luck with the business!