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Feel Confident Stepping in the Shoes of Your Best Self!


One Size Fits ALL!

$29 USD

 Increase Your Height like Never Before! 

Enjoy a discrete height boost in the comfort of your own shoes. Place the InsoleBoost™ in almost all types of shoes, increase your height to an adjustable 3cm-9cm insole and look remarkably taller! InsoleBoost™ remain concealed and no one will ever know the secret behind your increased height. Walk in comfort and confidence wherever you go!

  • Adds 2-4 inches in height!
  • Provides full support for people who are on their feet all day
  • Mesh top fabric with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technology keeps feet cool and fresh
  • Metatarsal pad relieves pressure and provides comfort
  • Flexible arch support helps transition weight through each step, while the heel cup adds cushion under heel
  • Trim to fit all sizes and can be moved from shoe to shoe


COMFORTABLE – Comfortably increase your height with shock-proof and breathable material insoles. Enjoy extra comfort with the InsoleBoost™ special design allowing air between insoles and shoes to circulate helping draw moisture away from your shoes. Maximal comfort while keeping your shoes and feet dry!
FREE SIZE- InsoleBoost™ can be tailored according to needs. Length (22.5-27cm). This can be adjusted as to your specific shoe size
HEIGHT VARIETY- Choose between three different high increases that range from 2-4 inches of boost. Take control of your height today!
CONFIDENCE – Have a new true confidence with your new height while at your own comfort. This discrete insole will allow you to take charge and allow you to be your best self!

Frequently asked questions

  • Are InsoleBoost™ comfortable when walking/running?
  • Yes, our customers have been rating our InsoleBoost™ feeling super comfortable wherever they go!
  • I purchased this, but will this fit my size?
  • InsoleBoost™ are designed to fit every size. We provide pieces you can remove and adjust to fit your appropriate sizing.
  • Will they fall off my shoes?
  • No, InsoleBoost™ are made to fit firmly to your soles as if nothing was there. You can wear them and have extensive activity with no problems.
  • How much taller will they make me?
  • You can get as tall with 3 different height ranges as provided. This ranges from 2-4 inches of boost.

Product Details:

  • 1 Pair of InsoleBoost™ (Left and Right Foot)

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Shoutout to my short kings

Haha no joke these things are a part of my everyday life at this point.

Jane K.
3 layer shoe lifts

3 layer height increase for inside shoes or boots.This is my only way for me to get one of my legs to match the other


I bought this to go with a Cosplay I am doing. I am normally 5"11 1/2 and these put me well at 6"2. normal superhero height. I will say that if you want full lift this will not work in something like a flat tennis show. the lift is so high that your heel will not even be in your show unless it has a high back or is a boot. Overall I am extremely pleased with them and have shown them and recommended them to quite a few friends.I did not get them for pain relief so no idea if they will help with that so I gave a 3 star rating.

Great wedges for compensating an adjustment for length of legs.

The additional wedges are the perfect height for me. I have one leg an inch shorter than the other do to it being broken when I was 5 years old and it not growing while I was in a cast for 2 months. The wedges last for months. Very sturdy and comfortable to wear under your shoe insole.

Holding up, fit well

Works great to level off in shoes so I walk with both legs the same length.. takes strain off my back, thus less pain.