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ProGlyde™ Back Shaver

We've Developed the Best Technology to Level Up you Grooming Game! 

ProGlyde™ Back Shaver
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This ProGlyde™ Back Shaver is definitely a Game-Changer!

The Most hygienic and innovative grooming system You Will Ever Use!


The word is out. Everyday more and more men are discovering the liberating difference that ProGlyde™ Back Shaver can make in their lives. Innovative, reliable, and easy to use grooming systems is what we do!


ProGlyde = Simplicity Meets Smooth 

It's time to quit attacking your back with dinky razors and painful waxes. ProGlyde™ is the only painless answer to your back hair and the only shaver made specifically for your back. Nothing is easier, safer, or smoother than our patented, Edison Award-winning shaving system.

Introducing DryGlide Technology 

ProGlyde™ unique blade cartridges are specifically designed to give you the cleanest, and closet AND safest shave on the market. Best of all, the unique design of our patented DRYGLIDE blade technology ensures that you get the absolute best shave possible, WET or DRY. Expanding your grooming routine is a no-brainer.


NEW MicroTeeth Technology 

Body Grooming can be challenging when looking for tools that offer the smoothest results while keeping you safe from cutting or nicking. Our newest MicroTeeth technology is specifically designed to manage your overall grooming while reducing accidents.

Features and Benefits

  • Quicker Shave - this shaver is designed to shave your back & body with the option of doing so wet or dry. equipped with a 2pcs blade that is 3.5inch wide, that you can complete the task of back shaving in less time than with most other shavers.
  • Adjustable Flexible Head - Flex neck follows the contours of your back for the perfect blade to skin contact at any angle, ensuring that you get a close, comfortable shave every time. the cartridge is can detachable from the shaving handle for shaving skin areas within arm's reach.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Handle - The ergonomic long handle is fully extendable and adjustable and locks into place at various lengths to reach every area of your back. you don't need to worry about its collapse or move around. perfect for use during showers.
  • Replacing blades is a long-term investment - it comes with FREE three replacement blades. Meanwhile, our blade refills cost also less than many other back shaver brands. If you need to change blades, slide them out and slide the new ones in.

How to Use 

  1. Insert the 2 blades into the slot on the shaver.
  2. Hold the shaver handle straight with one hand, put it in the back, and shave by swinging the shaft.
  3. Take the base of the blade off for the chest and arm shaving.
  4. Remove the blades and clean them with water after using them. Hang the product up to keep it dry.


Package Included 

1 x Back Shaver (with 2 blades)

2 x Replacement Blades

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Manual


Q: Does it need a battery?
A: No battery needed and no charging. It's environmentally friendly.

Q: How many blades will I get for one product?
A: There're 2 blades on the base of the blade and we have extra 2 blades for replacement. So 4 blades in total.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
It works!

I was tired of always using a hair clipper or having to get a wax removal for my back hair so, after looking thoroughly online, I came across the Liberex. At first, I was very skeptical as I do have a lot of hair (literally all my back) but the price tag was justified and I went ahead and bought it.It truly delivers as far as a great back shaving device. The 3 blades went right through my thick hair without too much problems.

works great with a couple important pre-shaving steps

in order to make this effective, i have an electric back shaver. i trimmed my back hair with that before using this. i did that bc the Liberex doesnt work too well (for me) on longer hair. this makes sense - if i had a full beard, i wouldnt use a razor to shave it off. i would use a beard trimmer first before using a razor. once i used the electric trimmer on my back, the Liberex worked great. i shaved dry - i didnt have a way to get shave cream on my back, although you could buy a lotion applier (looks like a back brush) to apply shave cream. my advice is to go slowly and go over each area 3x. in between swipes, tap the hair out of the Liberex. do not use water at all if you are dry shaving. the perfect shaving periods for me are to wait 2 weeks and then shave again. my hair length is just right after 2 weeks. there will be some scraping for most guys, but i wasnt bleeding out. my advice is to take a long shower (or bath) after you shave. that will help with the scrapes.

A bit pricey but it worked for me 👍

Just what I needed. Recently split with my partner who I was always reliant on to sort out my hairy back (which I hate). What to do. I looked at the reviews for Liberex and they were a little mixed. I bit the bullet and bought the elite plus version with the 3 blades included. I have (had) a very hairy back and within 15 minutes or so I had a smooth hairless back. Brilliant. It requires a bit of technique and bending in certain ways to keep the head in correct contact with your back but once this is mastered its a cinch. I dried shaved and this worked well for me. One downside was that I did manage to nick my shoulders in 2 places but again I think this was more down to my technique than anything else with the blade not being flat. The areas that I nicked I could have reached with a normal razor and will probably do that in this area next time. To all the hairy guys out there. Don't hesitate to buy this product but make sure the blade is flat to your back at all times.

Get rid of “Gorilla Back”

As I age, for whatever reason, my back is slowly turning into a gorilla. I have only used the Liberex once so far but it worked effortless. My back now looks like a 10 year old boy. Thanks Liberex for allowing me to remove my shirt in public.

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I read the negative reviews which steered me away from the blade, bought an electric man-groomer which worked fine, but left too much stubble. I finally pulled the trigger on the Liberex last week and could not be happier!!! I finally can achieve a smooth back, and can do it in less than half the time of the electric shaver. I've not cut my back once (and have been fairly aggressive) and continue to get a 90-95% smooth shave. I absolutely love the product and highly recommend!!! If you find you aren't getting a good shave the 2nd time around, simply rotate the will keep you from spending extra on replacements. Super awesome product!!!!!!!!! Bye-bye hairy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!