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Deep Red
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The Magical Charge Within Minutes!


 A unique charging pad designed to deliver quick wireless charging for the latest smartphones. Lumos™ Is an aesthetically mystical LED luminating charger that carries a 10W quick boost charge. The whimsical lights create a magical experience in any room. Unclutter your living space by going wireless - just place your phone on the pad and start charging instantly!


UNIVERSAL QI COMPATIBILITY - Power any Qi-enabled device using this single charger. The 10W boost charge has been engineered to quickly charge Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones while delivering 5W to all other Qi-enabled devices.

BOOST CHARGE – A charge speed of 45% with power concentrated high-energy conversion making it more efficient charge compared to double-coil interference normal wired chargers

LOW TEMPERATURE- Charge your phone at ease without any over-heating troubles. Touch the charger with hand directly without any transferred heat

NON-SLIP – Do you have constant calls and texts? The non-slip material on this charging pad grips your phone securely keeping it safe in place when charging.

COMPACT – Lightweight, travel friendly and easy to carry around to get any charge in! 

Product Details:

  • Charging Pad
    • Small (10 cm x 10 cm)
    • Large (25cm x 25cm)
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Jess S.
Coolest Charger Ever

This is definitely a cool charger. My favorite that I’ve bought so far.It’s able to charge my Iphone and my Airpods - but not at the same time.I’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t had any technical problems at all. It lights up as it should and it looks very cool when being used! Note: The lights don’t come on when it is not in use.The only downfall is that the entire pad is not the “charger.” The charging part of the pad is in the very middle, so your device has to be perfectly centered on it to work (that’s why it can’t charge two devices at once even though it’s decent sized). But for the most part that’s not a problem. It’s only a problem when I’m super tired or drunk and just want to throw my phone on it and then wake up and realize I didn’t align it correctly the night before lolBut yeah, I 10/10 recommend it! Very cool!

nice illuminated charging pad

the Qi charger feels solid, works well, charges fast, and looks beautiful with the blue colored lights that come on the instant a phone is detected and starts charging. the surface is smooth and on mine there aren't any sharp edges. the lights can be disabled with a small dip switch opposite of the micro usb power port. a good quality usb adapter cable is included (you'd need your own charger/hub to plug it in though). it's super practical and I'd recommend it to reduce wear on your phone's charging ports. I'm using it with both iPhone X and Google Pixel 3. the charger comes well protected in a sturdy box, with a spec sheet and support/warranty contact email. I like it!

Jasmine H.
Good geek gear for the magic aesthetic

Product works great, looks cool, gives my nightstand a bit of magical flair without being so ostentatious that it keeps me up at night unlike some other magic circle chargers.The only fault so far is that you have to center the phone just right on the pad to get it to charge correctly. However, the magic circle design actually helps with this, as the parallel lines on the outer hexagram are about as wide apart as my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so I can use the hexagram to line up my phone for proper positioning on the slate.AFAIK the runes mean nothing, the only word I can make out along the outer circle is "futharc" which is the name of the Norse rune alphabet and is comprised of the first six letters of said alphabet. Most likely the rest of the letters are merely the rest of the alphabet in sequence, the literal rune equivalent of "ABCDEFG" and so on.Overall, a good find. I am satisfied with purchasing this.

So far so good!

I've had problems with wireless chargers in the past (or possibly my Pixel 3 has had problems which wireless chargers exposed) so it's a bit early to say if they don't repeat themselves with this device, however I just had to write this review as this thing is sitting on my desk next to my monitor and it's the coolest thing I've seen. If it doesn't force me to order a new phone and lasts for near it's warranty period than I'll be super pumped. It's a wireless charger and I've got a moderate sized case (plastic/rubbery) so it charges slowly (Put it in at 75% and it's telling me about an hour to full) but I only need it when I'm working or gaming and want to keep my phone topped off and ready to go. Just too damn cool looking!


I love this charger so much!!!!!!