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Say Goodbye to Spills!

Lift and pour no more with MagikTap™! MagikTap™ carries a powerful motor that draws the drink up the super straw and out the spout without spilling a drip. Save time when dispensing your beverage of choice quickly and easily without opening a cap again! Large bottles and jugs can be heavy and hard to handle. Pouring them can be inconvenient, messy and even painful. With MagikTap™- simply tap your glass to the trigger and watch it fill like magic.

TIME SAVER – If you’re always on the go and don’t have time to pour a glass. MagikTap™ can help you with that! Simply place your glass on the trigger and get a drink within seconds.
MESS FREE– No need to constantly open and pour your beverages anymore. Minimize spillage with a ready to go tap friendly beverage dispenser.
ANY AGE - MagikTap™ is perfect for any age to use. Easy for kids to use without making a mess. Mom’s can use it one-handed with a lots to do. And it’s great for older family members who may have arthritis or weakness in their extremities.
UNIVERSAL- MagikTap™ is a universal cap fit for most containers. Have an automatic drink dispenser for all of your drinks!
PERFECT FOR ANY OCCAISION- Perfect for using at home on a daily basis, birthday parties, sporting events, lemondade stands and many more. This versatile device dispenser is fun and easy to use for anyone!  

How do I use the MagikTap™?

  1. Battery Insertion - Before using your MagikTap™, insert 2 AA batteries to get everything started. 
  2. Insert – Insert your super straw into your beverage container of choice
  3. Adjust- Adjust the silicone wings over the opening
  4. Press – Press the glass to the trigger and enjoy!

Product Details:

  • x1 MagikTap™ electronic dispenser (2*AA batteries, not included)
  • Weight - 90g
  • Length - 34.5 cm 


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
TikTok made me do it!

Seen this in TikTok and it’s the best! Kids can put their glass up to the milk/tea without taking it out of the fridge. Good deal!

Jane K.
Love it

It’s nice to not have to drag the big jug of milk out of the fridge every time

Pour up

Let me tell you how much this is a must product for a parent that’s trying to establish independence. SO easy to set up and use. My 4 and2 yr old got the understanding in one try.

Everyone need one! (Or three!)

The media could not be loaded.  Hidden gem of a gadget! I use the other one for my coffee creamer. I’ve used a water jug with fruit chopped up in it to make myself drink more water. I think it’s a great idea for families w young kids who can’t pour a milk jug yet. They can fill their own glasses and cereal bowls with this!


Product is easy to use and convenience!