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Protek Pro™

Protek Pro™
$29 USD $65 USD

Keep the Screen Peekers Away!

Protect your privacy and scroll your phone at ease with our best-selling Protek Pro™Privacy Case. This case is designed with high-grade micro louvre optical technology blocking all side views and fully blackening the screen on your phone. It’s visibility is only available to the person directly facing the screen allowing you to access bank information, passwords, photos, messages, or anything you’d like in privacy. Never be afraid of having someone peek at your screen in public again!


  • PROTECTION – Engineered for ultimate 360° mobile device protection. Keep other's eyes off your screen allowing you to scroll through your phone privately whenever you want!
  • STRONG MAGNETS – Build with super strong magnets encased with a strong metal frame ensuring your phone is kept shut all day!
  • HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL - Its made from double sided edge-to-edge 9H grade tempered glass with precise cut-outs surrounded in a full-metal frame allowing for easy access to all mobile phone parts. Our super slim frame design is made from high-grade aluminum absorbing heavy impact.



  • Question: How is the effect of anti-peeping?
  • Answer: Excellent. It works exactly as it is supposed to and blocks the view of people around you trying to peep! I hated going in public and having to look at sensitive and my personal information, but now strangers can't see anything!

  • Question: Does it reduce the screen brightness?
  • Answer: It doesn't reduce the brightness. Everything looks the same, the only difference is that it blocks the view of the people around.

  • Question: Does the face recognition still work with this case?
  • Answer: Yes it works perfectly for facial recognition, the screen doesn’t block any actions. Had no issues.

  • Question: Does it look good with your phone?
  • Answer: It looks sleek and professional with all of the benefits of privacy and protection in one effective case.

  • Question: How strong is the magnetic hold?
  • Answer: Super strong and secure. I love how it snaps in so smooth too if you want to unlock it and lift. I highly recommend it to anyone that uses their phone daily.

  • Question: Is this screen protector worth buying?
  • Answer: It’s perfect. I have used others that didn’t endure my labor intensive schedule. It has taken a significant amount of falls, bangs, and drags and still works the exact same. I've had for a year now. Satisfied.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Must buy!!!

Great case ! Works flawlessly and won’t fall apart like other cases that’s similar. If I could I’d buy 10 of these for all my friends and family . It’s a MUST BUY 15/10!

Love the product

I attend meetings and am surrounded by people all day long. It’s great to have more privacy while reading email on my phone all while next to other people.I do not have any complaints regarding the functionality of this product.In my opinion one minor down side is that the case can be a bit slippery at times. However as long as you exercise caution it’s usually not an issue.Overall I personally love the case and would recommend it. As a matter of fact I’m planning to switch from the iPhone XS Max to the iPhone 11 and I will be purchasing a new case for the new model iPhone.Cheers,

Best phone case/privacy screen in 1!

I Love this phone case! It’s so much easier than buying a privacy screen protector. it snaps over my phone and is so easy to use! I want one for my 2nd phone!

Good product

Fits perfect on my iPhone XS Max. It’s not too bulky and the anti peep is amazing

Nice looking case

I have only had this case for a day, but here is what I noticed so far: It looks FANTASTIC. It feels good in my hand too. Screen is nice and clear and there is no problem with the facial recognition or swiping. I would have given higher scores for durability and scratch resistance but seeing as how I've only had it a day, the jury is still out on those two categories. But it's a very nice looking case and I really like the magnetic feature!