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Recoil Suspension Trainer Mount

Recoil Suspension Trainer Mount
$39 USD

Workout anywhere indoors or outdoors with this durable anchor point


Steel plate easily attaches to a wall, vertical stud or secure overhead beam


Best anchoring solution for all suspension trainers and resistance trainers, Crossfit Olympic Rings, Battle Ropes, Yoga Swings, & Boxing Equipment


Supports all brands Suspension Strap Body Weight Trainer models, Resistance Bands, and Crossfit Training Rings.


Premium quality metal material, super strong and ultra durable.


Patent Pending





Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Bulletproof, larger than expected.

This is a super heavy duty piece of equipment. The screws that came with it are soooo overkill. Unless you want a 1/2 inch hole in your ceiling, plan to get your own hardware. The weight rating says 750 lbs. That's way more than you need. An average person using this for a trx anchor point only needs a 3-400 lb limit, hence smaller screws. I used old screws from a flat screen tv wall mount and it was way more appropriate. This thing is military grade quality though.

Much bigger than the photo..

Very stout mount, rated to 750lb if installed correctly! I thought it was going to be smaller more like 3in wide but it’s actually much bigger, anyway I’m happy with the purchase and recommend it to any looking to buy.

Wow. This thing is HUGE! Don’t wast your money if the other overpriced mounts.

For less than $14, this thing is huge and heavy. I have large hands, so check the pic. I simply cannot imagine that the similar mounts being sold on Modus for double, triple or more are any more robust that this large piece of steel. Very satisfied with my purchase! 5 Stars.

I was pleased when I received a product that was much more ...

I expected somewhat smaller for some reason which gave me fears about its sturdiness. However, I was pleased when I received a product that was much more robust than what I was expecting, I dont have any fears that this will give out on me while using my suspension straps. One thing I wish I knew was the size of socket I'd need to use for the bolts. I'm not sure if they're metric or not, but 11/16 socket did the trick for me. I wish I knew that ahead of time because I did not have a socket attachment that big.

Nice and Strong

If I found fault it would be they the cross bars are quite thick and the clips on my off-brand TRX did not open enough to clip on. I purchased carabiners to use. Not even a big deal. Not a bad thing to be too strong and sturdy.