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SmartCar Desk Pro™

SmartCar Desk Pro™
$49 USD

The ‘1’ Car Gadget for the Person on the Go!

Fitting perfectly into your steering wheelthis sturdy attachable desk is perfect if you have kids and for family meal take-outs.

It makes eating in your car organized and stress-free! The deeper side of the desk prevents nasty spills from reaching your car seats.

Not to mention how you can conveniently rest your notes, papers, books or even Ipads on top of the desk to free your hands up to do other things.


"The perfect portable car desk for the field worker and the family!"

  • Portable Size - The PortaCar Desk is designed to be the perfect all-in-one ergonomic car desk that you can conveniently stow at the back seat pocket.
  • Anti-Spill Surface - The deeper surface of the desk will catch any kind of spill! Super useful especially for drinks you NEVER want to clean after.
  • Organized Meals - Because of the different slots around the desk, organizing and distributing meals with other passengers is easy-to-do.
  • Sturdy Support - The 1.9 cm thick high-quality plastic will support anything you put on top of it! From piles of papers to books, and even laptops.
  • Very Lightweight - So moving it around the car with one hand shouldn't be a problem!


Desktop Size: 425 * 285 * 25mm

Product Colors: black, grey

Product Material: ABS



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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Jasmine H.
GREAT gadget!!!

I use this in my 2014 Subie Outback. It's such a great little gadget. Great for lunch breaks, watching videos on a phone or tablet while waiting, working on a lap top, camping, travel, etc... I keep mine stowed in the mesh panel behind the passenger seat. It fits perfect there, stays out of the way until I need it, and doesn't rattle while driving. Tip: it works better if your steering wheel is upside down (at least on my car). That way it doesn't mar the hard plastic middle piece of the steering wheel or accidentally honk the horn (yes, I did that, LOL). FYI, it will move left to right if the wheel turns, which I haven't seen as an issue, but I could picture someone grabbing the wheel and causing their tray of food to slide off. But the easy fix for that is "don't mess with your wheel", Duh, LOL. It won't hold a "heavy" load, not because it's flimsy (because the tray itself is very sturdy), but because of the mechanism by which it attaches and hangs from the wheel. It has no problem holding a 17" lap top, but you wouldn't want to rest your arms on it and bear down as you would if you planned to take a nap. I've also used it as a plain tray, in the back of the car or for camping when you need a flat surface to sit drinks. Fun hack: We used it at the pool. We cut up 4 pieces of pool noodle, made a slit down the side long ways, and put them around the outside of the tray. It floated and held our drinks. Like I said, great little gadget.

Best thing I have bought

I own a 2015 Elantra, it has a pretty thick steering wheel and I was worried about whether this would fit. I often stop when in town ( live in the country) to get groceries or shopping and eat before doing either.Let me tell you, this invention was very well worth $14! With this pandemic, I often eat in my car. This is the greatest thing since the invention of peanut butter!!Believe me, no ketchup or drippings from food on my blouse! I just scoot the seat back attach my tray and it comfortably hold a complete dinner including a drink!A man passed my car yesterday on his way into the restaurant I was eating at (in the parking lot) and just stopped and ask where I got it. I didn’t even have to sell him one, he got on his smartphone went to Modus and bought one.I read reviews before purchasing and mine did not have any sharp edges to damage my steering wheel nor was it flimsy.I always carry wet wipes and a roll of paper towels and when done eating, I just wipe down the tray and slip it in my passenger seat carrier in the back.It is so handy. I promise you won’t be disappointed, if you eat or need a desktop while working in your car. I just hate to drop a fry between the seats or worse a piece of onion you cannot reach.

Jess S.
Just what I needed!

I love this tray! Where I work, days can get hectic to the point where I simply refuse to eat my lunch inside so I go to my car (mental breakaway). I have a sliding armrest/console but it got annoying trying to cut up my hibachi-style teriyaki chicken from Tokyo Grill on it. I did an internet search and found this! No regrets! Note: if you have a steering wheel cover on, this won’t work. Bright side: it’s easy to put on your steering wheel and yes you will doubt yourself and think you can’t apply pressure or you’ll drop your food and drink in your lap, lol. This tray is sturdy enough to cut up food on it! Now, I have to be honest, I only used the “cup holder/placement” feature once.......I prefer the security of my cup holders in my car (‘17 Honda Civic). So where the cup I supposed to go, I put my phone there to watch YouTube while I eat my lunch (propped up by a popsocket). It works perfectly! Oh, and if you put this on your steering wheel and it’s at an angle, just take it off and try again. It’ll happen when you’re trying to put it on in a rush or just aren’t paying attention. :)I give this product 2 thumbs up!Oh I almost forgot: you MAY end up adjusting your seat so that you’ll be comfortable eating from the tray. Well worth the trade-off though!

Love It! Sturdy & Versatile.

I love this! Before this current stay-at-home phase I used this A LOT while I was out & about and needed to work on my cellphone-tethered laptop. If you find yourself in frequent situations without an office or desk - due to traveling or whatever - then this should be an obvious addition to your mobile work kit. Also, perhaps supplement this with one of those 'Car Side Window Sun Shade' products to reduce sun glare on your laptop. If you do video teleconferences in your car then you may want a front windshield sun shade as well.

Works From Top

It works! I found attaching it to the TOP of steering wheel worked better for me. From the BOTTOM did not allow enough room.