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AirBy Inflator - Compact & Portable Rechargeable Inflator

AirBy Inflator - Compact & Portable Rechargeable Inflator
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Inflate your tire in minutes! 

We don't want to get stuck in the middle of the road because of flat tires. 

We all know that wrong tire pressure can cause unforeseen accidents. 

It is best that we always come prepared for these types of situations with a handy and trusted tool.  Our AirBy Inflator is one of the most convenient and very reliable road tools for your car. 


Why AirBy Inflator  


It has a LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY. It has Built-in 2200 MAH rechargeable batteries. This digital air pump offers excellent performance and long battery life.


It is a tool with BROAD USE. The portable air pump has one universal air nozzle and 4 nozzle adapters, making it perfect for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, sports equipment, air mattresses, inflatable swimming pools, and other inflatables.


Enables you a FAST INFLATION process. Full inflation of an empty bicycle tire takes about 3 minutes, motorcycle tires for about 4 minutes, and car tires for about 8 minutes.




Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Question: What is the common use of the portable air pump?
Answer: The portable air pump can be used to regularly check your tire pressure, like bicycles, motorcycles, cars, SUVs, which ensures safety before driving. Great for use on the road or at home, especially for emergencies like changing or inflating flat tires.

Question: How to set or to know if the air is at the right pressure?
Answer: The portable air pump is built with a digital display that shows accurate air pressure and can also preset the setpoint, so the electric air pump will automatically stop when reaching the proper set inflation value to ensure safe handling.

Question: Is the portable air pump easy to use?
Answer: The portable air pump is easy to use, screw the tire inflator directly onto the tire valve, secure the nozzle tip lock, select the needed pressure level on the digital pressure gauge, with just a click of a button, and go. It stops automatically when done. You can perform the entire task with a single hand.

Question: How to operate this at night? 
Answer: The portable air pump has an illuminated digital display and it is built with an LED light on top of the trigger to help to inflate at night. The full inflation of an empty bicycle tire takes about 3 minutes, motorcycle tires about 4 minutes, car tires about 8 to 10 minutes depending on the tire size.

Question: Can it be used for other inflatables?
Answer: The portable air pump is not only for tires, but it can the air pump is also equipped with 5 nozzle adaptors that can be used for mattresses, airboats, toys, sports balls, inflatable swimming pools, and other inflatables.


Package Includes:

(1) * Air Pump
(1) * Air Pipe
(1) * Ball Needle
(1) * Air Tap
(1) * USB Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
You need this

Carry it on my bicycle and motorcycle. No more pumping my butt off on the side of the trail. It works exactly as promised. It gets used constantly and after bouncing around in my bags it still works fine.

Quick! Efficient! Perfect For Emergencies! Portable! Works Great! Awesome Device!

I use this product to keep my car tires to the balance recommended pressure. Replace my bulky/noisy wireless air pump. Have use it for two months and very happy with it.

Awesome product!!

Complete accuracy, dependable, durable and lightweight. Get the job done. I use the device on my car and bicycle. Completely satisfied.

Easy to use.

Great to have such a small device to pump up tires as needed while out and about. No worries now that I might get stuck with a flat tire on my quad.

Jen G.
Wow. I am so glad I bought this

I opened the box today, charged the unit about 1 hour. I read the easy to follow instructions. Attached to my bike 700 x 38 tire, and in about 10 seconds it pumped it up from 55 to 65 psi. Very easy and clear readouts. In my short period of pumping, the unit did not get hot at all. Its a little loud, maybe like a blender... but so what?And I loved the screw on connection to the tire valve. Essentially no loss of pressure when the pump is disconnected, unlike the flip connectors on foot pumps. All I can say is ... wow!