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Baby Smart Dispenser - Anti Spit Up Medicine Dispenser

Baby Smart Dispenser - Anti Spit Up Medicine Dispenser
$25 USD

For your baby to easily swallow medicine!


Spit-ups can get super messy around your baby's face...

It also means expensive and important medicine going to waste!

That is why doctors advise medicine sending any liquids to the side of the cheeks to avoid spit-ups from happening...

B-Smart Dispenser is designed to do just that!


"Avoid wasting expensive medicine with an anti-spit-up dispenser!"


  • Mess-Free - An easy-to-use medicine dispenser that shoots liquids at the sides of the cheeks to avoid spit-ups from happening.
  • Easy Doses - Can be used for medicine, water, and other liquids.
  • Multi-Purpose - You can also let your child suck on this dispensing tool like any other pacifier.
  • Heat Resistant - Does not melt under high temperatures, making it safe to sterilize in hot water.
  • Easy To Use - Comes with a handy liquid measuring container and works just like a syringe.



Material: Food-Grade Silicone

Material Feature: Latex Free Material

Feature: Nitrosamine Free

Size & Length: 13cm/5.12in

Width: 4.5cm/1.77in

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Modus C.
Exactly what I was looking for

I love the syringe super easy to use I noticed some of the other comments said that the plunger released too easily that is not my experience at all I don't know if they changed it or what but it worked perfectly I love it

Leonor m.
Arthritis Foundation

SELF-CARE: Modus Dose self care products are designed to make cleansing and care quick, easy, and stress-freeEASY USE: Simple design, Prevents over insertion and dispenses liquid or solution effortlesslyCAPACITY: Syringe holds up to 10mL of liquid/solutionBUILT TO LAST: Quality design, Built to withstand repeated useHEALTHY LIVING: Modus Dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation

Modus C.
So far, so good

Nice tsp/ml liquid syringe. It’s simple to use and u can adjust the top to set the amount u need and it will lock it in place for you. The only hassle is washing you have to unscrew the round thing to pull apart and wash’s not like ur cvs brand that will easily pull apart to rinse/wash.

Kathryn (.M.
Fantastic in every way

We use this product to give our toddler liquid pain reliever. As he's teething right now, we use it about once a day. Initially I was skeptical that the mechanism for measuring out the liquid was really that necessary, but I have to say in reality it turns out to be pretty convenient. For those times when you're trying to keep one eye on the kid or when you want to ready a dose when the kid is distracted, every little thing helps.This item also accomplishes the goal I had when I bought it: a dispenser that was higher quality so the measuring marks didn't slowly wear off. Sturdy plastic, and we've been using it for at least a month now, which means it's lasted longer than the free ones that come from the pharmacy and it still looks brand new.As a bonus, the item fits snugly inside the opening of the liquid medicine bottle, so we can upend the bottle to fill the dose without needing one of those special stoppers.All in all, this is a good buy. So much so that I'll be considering purchasing these as a gift for new parents in my social circle.

Margaret A.W.
This is the BEST! Simple to Use! SIMPLE TO CLEAN!

No more guessing about dosages, color-coded, easy to read with auto plunger that stops to get exactly the right dosage every time.Although this is lisited for babies, I actually needed it for liquid medicine for my dog. This makes giving him the medicine a breeze.I was also worried about cleaning, however that was easy too as the top orange piece is threaded. It screws off, which allows the plunger to pull out for easy disassembly and cleaning.Kudos to the inventor for a well thought out product in every aspect of the device!