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Ikigai Pour-Over Filter

 Start Your Morning With Something Great!

Ikigai Pour-Over Filter
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Enhance Your Morning Ritual 

Ikigai (生きがい) –the reason for being & the purpose of why one gets up in the morning

Hand-crafted Arita Porcelain in Japan, the Ikigai Pour-Over Filter lets you brew coffee and tea in the most sustainable way. It’s unique filter made of porous ceramic is unlike any other as it emits Far Infrared Radiation enhancing the taste and aroma of coffee without the use of paper filters. The Ikigai Pour-Over Filter comes packaged with its own ceramic holder/dripper, which has one large hole at the bottom and can be positioned on top of a mug or other vessel like any other dripper. It’s exceptional use extracts more flavors from ground coffee, instant coffee, black tea, and green tea. It can even improve the taste of liquors such as shochu and sake and even purify water.



How to Use:

  • Using warm water, ensure the warm water flows at an acceptable rate through your filter. If not, please unclog your filter using our recommended methods in the care instructions
  • Put your desired amount of very-coarse ground coffee beans or tea in your filter
  • Steam the coffee beans with warm water for 30 seconds
  • Pour boiled water into the filter 5-6 times within 4 minutes with a kettle

Before & After-Care Instructions:

  • Before each use - wet the inside of the filter first by pouring in hot water
  • After each use - gently rinse filter with water only. The use of detergent may bind to the pores, spoiling future beverage flavors. Rinse well until water coming out of the filter becomes clear

How to clear a clogged filter:

  • As the pores of the filter are extremely fine, Clogging may occur as a result of frequent use. If you notice the rate lowering, this may mean clogging is occurring. Follow the steps to prevent it from happening:
  • FiringPlace the filter face up on a steel net, gas stove, or oven and fire for about 10 min until smoke does not comes out. 
  • Boiling - Put baking soda (2 spoons) in a boiling pot and boil the filter for 10-20 min. Or fill a microwave-safe bowl with enough water, put baking soda (2 spoons) in a boiling pot, and heat in the microwave. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 5.08 x 5.08 x 3.11 inches (ceramic pour-over filter)
  • Material: ceramic
  • Reusable and eco-friendly. Eliminates the need for paper coffee filters
  • Made in Arita, Japan


Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Great product!

I love this reusable coffee filter! My morning coffee tastes much better than before when I used paper filters. I use it every morning.

Perfect with pour through ceramic cone...

Great product. Very durable and a perfect match for my ceramic cone pour over. This durable, reusable filter is affordable and perfectly designed. Will order again, for sure!

Never going back to disposable.

Phenomenal filter with great flavor extraction and no unwanted sediment, all at a very reasonable price. A little extra work to wash vs. disposable filters but well worth it!

Reusable coffee filter

Great, love it....

Great for my 8-cup Chemex!

This got 5 stars all around for me.I was afraid it would be the wrong size and that it would be too small for my 8-cup Chemex. Upon using it, it does appear to be smaller than a normal filter that I previously used however it is big enough for the amount of grounds I put in there which is about 4-6tbsp. It�s easy to clean and is a much better alternative to the wasteful paper ones I used before.