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GlowBowl™ (USB Rechargeable)

This USB Rechargeable, Motion Activated night light emits a soft glow in and around your toilet to ensure your safety and visibility when you need it. 


  • Smart motion sensor system: it will turn on when you're close, auto shut off when you leave 
  • 16-Colors: switching colors every 15 seconds or 120 seconds or you can set it to just one color 
  • UV Light Wavelength proven to fight bacteria
  • No more stumbling in the dark causing a mess
  • Easy Installation
  • USB Rechargeable
GlowBowl™ (USB Rechargeable)
$29 USD $59 USD

Using the Bathroom at night is serious business. No one enjoys stumbling around in the dark or turning on bright lights and waking themselves up in the middle of the night! We share your pain! At GlowBowl™, we are dedicated to helping you have the best late night bathroom experience possible!

We are on a mission! After one too many midnight bumps, bruises and alien abductions occurring while on route to rendezvous with the porcelain throne, GlowBowl™ was born.   


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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Bought 3 pack - work well - long battery life

I bought these (three pack) to use as described. I had several older USB rechargeable units (now 2 1/2 years old) that work great. However, they light up day or night, have 6 light settings and have one light level, and have to be recharge about every 4 - 5 weeks. These new ones have multiple light levels and color settings. But more importantly, do not come on during the day. At night they respond to movement, as expected. Have mine set to second lowest light level.When they arrived, one was problematic - dead-on-arrival. I contacted the company by the email in the enclosed paperwork in the box. After explaining the problem - they immediately sent a new one and were very apologetic.

Jane K.
It’s a fun/practical toy!!!!!!!!!

The media could not be loaded.  I’m a gadget guy so this product is in my wheelhouse. All middle aged men should have this product. I keep a nightlight (actually an emergency light in the case of a power failure) in the master bath so I can find the the toilet in the middle of the night without stumping my toe and/or waking the wife and our little nap buddies (Chloe and CoCo). They’re excellent little watchdogs that will bark at any strange noise. A nightlight is a fairly effective strategy, but, a motion activated toilet light takes it to a new level. My aim ain’t what it used to be, but, I’m batting a thousand with this new product. PS My wife loves it so I bought one for the hallway bathroom. She thinks it’s pretty and company will get a kick out it. Which reminds me, I need to order one for the guest bathroom downstairs.

Love it

This thing is perfect for those late night trips.Picture this: you come home from a hard night at the club, tired, you plop on the bed (rookie mistake) the room starts to spin and you're nauseous. You need to get to the toilet NOW. You don't have time to turn the light on because one hand is keeping you balanced against the walls while you scuffle to the bathroom while the other is clamping your lips together so there won't be a trail of vodka and cranberry mixed with 3am McDonald's for you to clean up tomorrow. But you make it, the glow of the toilet night light senses you across the hall and lights up like a runway guiding a plane home. You make it, what's more, you don't miss your target with this light, and bonus, you can vomit to disco lights. Also, since there has been an increase in reports of rats, snakes, etc.. found in toilets it gives an added sense of security. (Potentially huge customer marketing strategy, you're welcome manufacturer) I, myself thought of sending one of these bad boys over to Australia where that poor unfortunate woman got bit on the bum by a snake.

Absolutely worth the money and usefulness

The media could not be loaded.  I love this. I bought them as gifts for my friends and they absolutely love it. One of my friend told me I have started a trend with these lights because when she showed it to some of her friends, they all wanted to have the lights and they did!

No more bright lights at night!

What’s not to like?! No more turning on the light at night to find your way. Hubby doesn’t ‘miss’ now! ;).There are three brightness settings, though we find the dimmest to be the best for nighttime usage.We’ve had the light for a few months and it’s still working great and hasn’t yet required a charge.FYI - I thought it would be super gross to pull off when time to charge, but it’s up high enough that it appears to remain clean.