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Outdoor Sport Fishing Vest

Camouflage vest
blue vest
green vest
red vest
gray vest
foam and rope
Outdoor Sport Fishing Vest
$89 USD

Material: Spandex

Feature: Quick Dry

(50-95KG)free size

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Best vest at amazing price!

This vest is absolutely incredible! I love the endless uses and storage solutions it provides. It comfortably carries my box of nymphs, box of dries, box of streamers, tippet holder, nipper, two hemostats, two spare reels, gloves, suntan lotion, trash bag (for the garbage other people leave on the water), my self defense solution, and still has room for more. I'm a big guy, but this vest is adjustable to fit me whether I'm wearing just a t shirt or even 3 layers plus a bulky jacket.This is the best vest out there. Don't bother with any other vest. This is the one you need!

Fits great on big guys like me!

I was afraid it wouldn't fit me because a lot of "one-size" things tend to be too small on me, but this thing is highly adjustable and customizable! I'm a 3xl guy and still had slack! If your looking for a light weight vest with so many pockets that I'm still finding new ones, this is the vest to get! Love it!

Wow! Very impressed.

I order a lot of stuff online, as I live in a small town and we don't have a lot of options. Not very often am I blown away by the quality of the product. This is one of those times I am blown away! Better than I could of expected! Tons of pockets, dont even need a tackle box anymore! Very durable!

Good vest. Adjusts out to 4xl size.

Nice vest. Lots of pockets. Zippers work well. Wasn't sure it would fit as most 1 size fits all won't work. I wear size 4xlt t-shirt and this vest fits. Adjusted all the straps out as far as they would go. Not a lot of extra room but big enough. Can't wait to use it fly fishing this spring.

One size does fit all.

I like that the best is adjustable to fit any size and that it is lightweight. Just exactly what I was looking for.