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Remote Control Air Swimmers - Shark and Nemo

Remote Control Air Swimmers - Shark and Nemo
$59 USD

Thought you were safe on dry land?

Think again! This helium-inflated hunter will swim in the air to hunt you down!

Have fun with co-workers with this unique remote-controlled toy as it drives through the office space.

Don't worry... we won't tell anyone it's actually for you and not for your kids.

But if you are planning to give this as a birthday gift... Air Fish makes for an awesome and out-of-this-world present!

"Surprise anyone with its scarily realistic swimming motion!"


  • Two Designs - Choose from the terrifying great white or the calm-spirited clownfish.


  • Real-Life Motion - The motion is so smooth it's as if they're "swimming" on land!


  • Durable Layering - Made up of 3 layers of high-quality nylon, so you won't have to worry every time you bump it into something.


  • Easy-To-Control - The remote controller is designed to give you an easy and fun-filled experience!


  • Long-Ranged Control - Enjoy controlling the toy within a 40 feet distance.





Charging Voltage: 3 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)

Colors: Orange, Blue Shape: Shark/Clownfish

Product Size: 158CMX78CMX60CM (After inflated)

Controller: Infra-red Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control


Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Tail moves just like its real

I have to test this out in the tub before I take it to open waters. I didnt want to lose it. It is definitely very easy to maneuver with the remote. I can see this looking real out in open waters . I'm so excited to used this. My dad goes fishing alot and well, let's just say I have a surprise for him. Lol. The way the tail moves it looks so real.

Shannon K.
Boys and their toys

The grand loves it! Bath time is again a favorite!

So cool

This was on my grand son's Christmas list so I ordered it for him. He was so pleased and couldn't wait to unbox it and get it into water

add some fun to the pool parties

We purchased as a gimmick and at first was skeptical if this was going to work but we were pleasantly surprised! The packaging that this shark arrives in a professionally decorated package so you could easily send this as a gift at checkout. The light is ok but mostly for novelty but the actual movement of the shark has been fun and is definitely an attention getter not only with the kids but also with the parents as well. Everybody wants to either control the shark or make funny Tik tok videos of being chased by the shark. We have even swam underneath the shark with a gopro to make our own shark week parody clips!


My daughter loves the pool and this is a great upgrade from her wind up swimming toys! She's obsessed!