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Sweat Sauna Tank Top


Sweat Sauna Tank Top
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This All-new Sweat Sauna Tank Top stimulates your core temperature that enhances natural perspiration up to 5x more than ordinary gym clothes. 

It Boosts your metabolism to the core, speeds up warm-up & recovery times, and burns more calories than usual. Its revolutionary design helps you achieve results faster and easier. Leaving your body in shape and slimmer. 




Scientifically Engineered:

65% Polyester, 5%Spandex, 30%Polyurethane. Consisting of two layers: the inner thermogenic polymer fabric increases your core temperate to promote sweating. The outer performance compression fabric instantly slims and shapes your figure.



 You can choose to wear it underneath your clothes completely hidden with seamless body fit while inside your house doing your task or hitting in the gym, your body will burn calories with little to no effort. However, the best results apply when your body is active doing exercises.  



  • Super stretchable & comfortable, it keeps your workout smooth and flexible on any activities 
  • A high-quality zipper gives you the liberty to put it on or take it off EASILY.
  • Its special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you're always dry on the outside.
  • The two layers are an extremely effective fabric that's breathable performance compression fabric instantly slims and shapes your figure.
  • Experience a hot-sauna-like experience including many of the same scientifically-proven health benefits.  Expedite calorie burning, detoxification, improved immune system, enhanced blood flow, & trigger the release of endorphins, etc.)
  • Washable: made of advanced polyurethane inner layer that is fast drying and is made for machine washed
  • Scientific design and compression help you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy. Comfortable, lightweight stretchy fabric and moves with your body while performing any activity. It looks great and matches with any combination of workout shirts or can even be worn under everyday clothes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews

This Sauna suit works magic. I recently started working out and it makes me sweat so much more than I did without it! I'm usually a med, I bought a large based off reviews and it fits perfectly. Super comfy.

Makes you sweat!!!

I love this vest! It’s NOT thick but makes you sweat right where us ladies need it. It’s super comfortable to run with. I’ve had thick ones but they are not as comfy and flexible as this one. I’ve been dieting and exercising and couldn’t lose the last few lbs. after using this I surpassed my weight goal! I’m not kidding guys this thing is great.Before using the vest ... my abs weren’t there like this.CONS:It’s long on me so it tends to rise up slightly.To end this review:Diet and exercise Is a must! You cannot rely on the vest. It does absolutely help so long as you’re doing everything else correctly.

Very pleased

I absolutely love this thing. It’s my 2nd time wearing it to workout and it’s an instant sweat. At 1st when I put it on it was a little struggle however once I got it zipped and pulled it down it really didn’t budge or roll. I wish I was a tad bit long to cover the fupa area but I am extremely satisfied with this product. If they have a waist band the covers the lower stomach/fupa area I would purchase that too and wear both at the same time.

Yesssss! Super Hot and Wet!

Okay so I didn't have much expectation but this vest blew me away. I put it on with my SWEET Cream rub on my belly and went for a 1mile walk. I was surprised when the sweat was dripping around my hips before I can finish the walk. The vest really works well. It fits like a second skin but is very lightweight. I love this thing!!!

Works great!

I have another sauna belt that wraps around from a different seller that cost me twice as much as this one. I like this one so much better. I like that it covers my entire back. I don't have to use any creams with it, still sweat like a pig. Great fit, looks great. Would for sure buy again.