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BrowShape Pro™

Shape Your Brows to Perfection.

BrowShape Pro™ is an easy-to-use, one-step tool that creates perfect brows in minutes. This revolutionary tool creates full thick hair and natural eyebrows in minutes. Simply use the stencil to match your brow shape, and then the applicator to stamp on perfect brows. BrowShape Pro™ is sweat, water and oil proof keeping it dry and long-lasting for the entire day!

BrowShape Pro™
$25 USD

    • EASY-APPLICATIONBrowShape Pro has a unique formula allowingthe texture of your brows to be fine and smooth. Easy to spread and easy to apply!
    • LONG-LASTING – Sweat, water, and oil proof keeping your makeup lasting all day long. Look to impress anyone!
    • PERFECT BROWS IN MINUTES – Save time every morning using the BrowShape Pro™.Simply use the stencil and dab on the applicator to achieve your perfect brows!
    • DIFFERENT SHAPES - BrowShape Pro comes with one stamp and 10 different brow style stencils allowing you to choose any eyebrow shape you’d like. Switch it up and test out different shapes that fit you!


Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Hollie S.
Fabulous eyebrows every time!

This product was so easy to use! There are so many templates for any shape of brow you want. It was easy to find my shape and so so easy to apply! I loved that it wasn’t super awkward to hold the stencil and apply the powder.

Perfect blend

I'm not big on makeup but this made me fall in love with it. I never knew what to do with my weird eyebrows until now. The application was very easy. The hardest part was choosing a shape.

Makes doing makeup easier

I love this product! I am not the biggest make up expertise, but this made doing my eyebrows a lot easier. Definitely will practice and improve on using the stencil, but the first time I used it it was very easy.

Fun makeup tool

It’s exactly what you expect when you hear eyebrow stamp. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to set up and I was able to get good results.

Vel G.
Worth it!

I absolutely love this product! You can get the perfect brows in just seconds and you have a variety of stencils to choose from. It’s so easy to use, waterproof and very natural looking. You wont regret your purchase.