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Have a super fun day at the park!


No matter what your age is, bubbles filling the air is always a fun sight!

And this rapid-fire bubble Gatling gun does an amazing job doing that!

Enjoy a unique fun-filled twist on your next visit to the park.


"An epic bubble Gatling gun for all ages!"

  • Rapid-Fire Action - Enjoy a huge and tight spread of bubbles fired from the barrels of your Gatling gun!

  • Multi-Function - When you're feeling a bit too hot under the sun, you can remove the barrels and turn them into a strong and soothing fan.

  • Ultimate Party Choice - It's a fun little toy you can bring to liven up the party!

  • Non-Toxic - The design of the toy is airtight and made of high-quality ABS to stop any kind of leaking!

  • Fun Gift - A fun gift to give to any kid who'd love to own a Gatling gun that shoots loads of bubbles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Buy extra bubble solution!

This was a Christmas gift for my 3 year old grandson, and he loves it! It runs out of bubble solution very quickly, but I bought one of the economy refills at the local big box store and problem solved. His favorite toy these days.

So many bubbles!

This is a great bubble gun!! My son absolutely loves bubbles and we have tried many bubble guns on the market. Nothing compares to the amount of bubbles this little guy puts out. He�s also obsessed with airplanes, so the design of this bubble gun being an airplane AND blowing so many bubbles is a total win win. We had just a minor mishap with our bubble gun and customer service was on it! I�ve never dealt with a better, quick to respond, and willing to work with someone as I have with their customer service. Excellent!! I would absolutely recommend this product.

Nice toy

We have seen some pretty crappy bubble guns but this one is nice. Blows tons of bubbles and good size for my toddler. Maybe too small for older kids but great for the younger ones. Lightweight and intuitive to use. Wish it was a tad cheaper but very happy with the purchase. The bubble solution was good quality too. Love that the dish has a spout to return unused solution into jar.

Fun in the sun!

What a great outdoor toy for toddlers and young children! It came in great packaging and I would easily purchase another for a gift. Kids will get a lot of joy and fun times from this toy. We found you have to dip quite often, but still extremely enjoyable.

Rui J.G.
Fun product, but broke too soon

The product is fun -my son loved it, but it stopped working after a month of use. New battery would not solve the problem.Update: the vendor reached out to me and offered a free replacement. We hope that was an isolated case of the product breaking. I was really impressed by the great customer service I was provided by the vendor.