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Shakyamuni Buddha

Hand-Carved and Blessed in the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet


 A portion of the proceeds go towards our Front Line Workers and the restoration of the Jokhang Temple

Shakyamuni Buddha
$29 USD

Bring Peace & Tranquility into Your Home

The Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, balance, and inner peace. Place this Tibetan hand-carved Buddha statue at home to energize all sectors of your life positively and shield against negativity. The ancient times of Feng Shui say the precise placement of the Buddha statue optimizes the flow of vital life energy within your home. Placing in the North-East direction can stimulate the high powered energy of this corner optimizing a spiritual zone for grounding, protection, and healing.

Every Buddha in our collection is handcrafted and takes up to 15 days to create. Each one is hand-carved to produce the fine detail, then hand-painted by a team of specialist artisans over 1 week to ensure each layer, color, and finishing touch is free from smudges and finished to look like a bronze statue.

Feng Shui Guidelines when Placing a Buddha Statue in Your Home:

  • Never place the figure on the floor. It should always be on a pedestal and given the respect that the Master deserves.
  • If the statue is being placed on a shelf, ensure that the shelf is not cluttered with items of less importance.
  • The statue should be placed higher than most of the other important objects in the room.
  • Never place the statue next to a refrigerator or heavy storage cabinet as its energy will be reduced or blocked.
  • In general, the altar and statue of Buddha should face the east direction.
  • Never place a Buddha statue in the bedroom or bathroom
  • Always keep the area around the statue sparkling clean. Burn candles or incense sticks to purify the air around it.
  • Ensure that the statue is placed facing the inside of the room, and never looking outside.


  • 7.5cm(L) x 5cm (W) x 11cm (H) 



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